Is it safe to pay for an item outside ebay thru paypal??

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  1. Hi. I would like to find out how safe is it to buy/pay an item outside of ebay? As it is known, sellers can also offer to pay outside the normal ebay bid site to avoid high ebay listing fees. I have bought from this seller before, and she does sell 100% authentic bags. She also has a good track and proven ratings for her honest reputation for selling authentic bags. So do you think it is safe to save that few hundred dollars and pay outside ebay??

    Your views are greatly appreciated:biggrin:
  2. You can try if you trust this seller and had business dealings with them in the past. Make sure you pay by credit card. The downside is you will receive no buyer protection for any transaction made outside of ebay.
  3. I agree, if you know know trust the seller then yes do it, but pay with a CC.
  4. thanks all. but will there be any protection for buyers even if it's paid thru cc outside of ebay?
  5. /\ American Express has great protection against fraud.
  6. The only protection you will have is "item not received" if you don't get it. Have the seller send you an paypal invoice for "merchandise" so that a tracking number can be entered for your protection.
  7. Question--hasn't PayPal extended SNAD protection to all transactions using their services, not just eBay purchases?
  8. Yes, this is what I've heard also.
  9. I read on one of the threads here, that as of November 1st, Paypal will offer more protection for purchases outside of EBay. Not sure if the purchase has to made on or after November 1st, or that is the date for starting a claim. I'll try to find the thread. :biggrin:
  10. There are tons of threads about this you might want to check out, plus you can get all the details about how PP works outside of eBay by checking out your User Agreement in the PP website.

    The change to offer PP Buyer Protection, vs. the Buyer Complaint Policy, for off-eBay transactions becomes effective on Nov. 1, so right now it's still business as usual.
  11. You know, I've purchased a few items outside of eBay now despite the potential risks and each transaction has gone smoothly. A lot of sellers these days are willing to cut buyers better deals outside of eBay due to the ridiculous fees.

    When buying outside of eBay, should you choose to do so, be very careful. I will only purchase from well established sellers who have great feedback. I also am very careful to make sure that the item I want is accurately portrayed via multiple pictures and description. This is not a fool proof method, but it has worked for me thus far. I also only purchase designer brands that I am familiar with.
  12. I have a similar query to this (apologies as I don't want to hijack this thread but am conscious of starting new ones).

    I just won an item on eBay and when I went to pay, the buyer has already marked the item as payment received, so I can't pay via eBay when I try. He has sent me a Paypal invoice with the details of the transaction and asked me to use that. Am I missing something here? I have not yet paid as have never encountered this and am uncomfortable.
  13. I believe you should be just fine. :smile:
  14. ^^Why would he mark it payment received though and now refuse to remove that?