is it SAFE to carrying expensive LV bags?

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  1. Webmaster, please move to appropriate subject forum due I have no idea which best fit category - 'Louis Vuitton FAQs' or 'Louis Vuitton Shopping'??

    I found this similar to this forum before...
    that situation at night..

    My question is, is it safe to carrying LV bag more than value Australian $3500 which almost equivalent to US $2300 during DAYLIGHT?!? :confused1:
    Note: That price I use approximately same bag on different price for two countries.

    I just simply wearing simple, ordinary clothes and never going out till very late or morning. I usually get home before get dark say around 9-10pm during summer time and 6-7pm during winter time (these situation after one hour sunset time).

    So is it cool to carry around EXPENSIVE during daylight?
    by simply alone to enjoy myself window shopping at medium to crowded public places.
    Yeah sometimes with friend but they don't understand my true passion bags only they can said hate my expensive bags!!
    Plus I don't need BF to guard me all times :p

    also I usually catch public transport as I don't have a car!!
    I use big shopping bag for expensive bag inside it on the way home and protect it from rainy day.

    so what do you think?
    maybe I shouldn't buy expensive one soon?
  2. I don't think I have ever felt unsafe carrying an expensive bag here:yes:
  3. I'm sure you'll just be fine:smile:.
  4. The last time I heard about a bag snatching was when an elderly lady was quite violently assaulted and had a heart attack as a result. That was ages ago ... you just don't hear anything about bag snatching on the news. I suspect because it's not very common here -- only a total idiot would try to snatch a woman's bag in a public place because he'd have half a dozen Aussie blokes chase him down. I always feel safe in public. Australians are very public spirited people, on the whole.
  5. I catch public transport, even the last train home and have never felt unsafe with my LVs. I think Australia is a very safe country :smile:
  6. unless you're in someplace like Malaysia, you should be safe carrying an expensive bag. i live in Buffalo, NY, and even when i'm in the ghetto areas i don't really feel unsafe carrying my designer bags
  7. I don't feel unsafe at all...and I've walked around huge cities like Seattle, Chicago, Boston, etc. with my bags! Both day and night. Sadly....when someone sees you carrying LV they probably assume it's fake I wouldn't worry :smile:
  8. Why not? In Philippines which is a more dangerous place than your place, the carry expensive LV bags as well! :biggrin: (Maybe because snatchers don't know how to distinguished real from fake.. good thing though! LOL!)
  9. It depends whether it was obviously very expensive... I don't think I'd be comfortable with it.
  10. I go to school in a pretty bad part of town, so if I have to walk far off campus, I usually try to carry something Damier since I think it's a bit less recognizable....
  11. not for me... I'm in north jersey no one usually messes with us :supacool: haha
  12. In this day and age you can walk down with nothing(purse) and still get mugged or worse
    but i think safety had improved but you never know so god forbid something does happen you just give it up! Don't fight it or argue...nothing better that they take your bag than your life
  13. i feel fine carrying my bags...
  14. I carry my speedy every single day and have never had a problem.
  15. My mom is always warning me to keep my bags on my shoulders or close to me because she always hears about bag snatching stories. As for the most part I haven't had any problems and I hope it stays that way.