Is it safe to buy from Bluefly? Anyone have any problems?

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  1. Hello,

    I saw a bag on Bluefly tonight that I would love to get, however I've never ordered off of Bluefly (and never purchased a Jimmy Choo bag).

    Is Bluefly a safe place to buy real Jimmy Choo bags?

    Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks!
  2. I've never had a problem with Bluefly. Everything I've purchased was authentic and in good condition. I had to return one bag b/c it was smaller than I had expected. They took two weeks to process the credit but they were also doing inventory so I chalked up the delay to that.
  3. The first bag I got from them was a fake and damaged Gucci. Subsequent bags, all Bottega Veneta, while authentic have been about 50-50 success rate. The photos on the site do not seem to be of the actual bag. I have received some really beat-up looking bags that must have been bought, returned, bought, returned. Or perhaps display models that have been kicked around. I've never had trouble with credits.
  4. Bluefly had problems with returned bags being fake and them re-selling them without knowing if I remember correctly
  5. Thanks for all the replies! Argh - that is a little disappointing to hear that there have been some problems. I will have to debate. Not sure if I want to take a $1400 risk?
  6. I got a Dior bag from BlueFly last year and it was authentic. BlueFly does accept returns so if you feel it's not authentic you could return it. Good luck on your decision.
  7. The authenticity problem was resolved. They now put tags on their items so people can't return fakes. I bought a gorgeous Prada from them about 6 months ago. They do accept returns. I also have bought clothes from them without problems.
  8. I purchased a TDF pair of Hot Pink suede CL boots from them in January and the inside lining had a huge rip in it, I returned them and they did credit my account pretty quickly!
  9. I bought a gucci bag and a jimmy choo last year, and both were authentic. No problems. Which bag are you thinking of getting?
  10. Thanks to all for the responses/help! :smile:

    I am considering the True bag (good for travel), but am leaning towards living without it now. Especially because all the department stores are having great promotions right now! Saks and Bergdorf especially, so I am thinking of just going to a store and hoping to score a deal!
  11. ^^you can probably get a better deal when the big sales start in June...keep an eye on this forum, tho. When any of us see a good sale, we post it here...after snagging what we want, of course!
  12. Thanks all! I will definitely help look for sales! but GUESS what?! The Jimmy Choo boutique in San Francisco (located in the Bloomingdales mall) has 1 True large satchel in their backstock! It is 50% off the original price (so about $975ish?). I stopped by there yesterday and asked (just hoping to see the bag from bluefly). It is brown and they keep it in the back because there is no room on the selling floor to display the one "sale" bag.

    If anyone is interested, hopefully they still have it: try calling them! Jimmy Choo SF: 415-856-5431
  13. I've gotten a few bags from Bluefly, NAP, Jomashop and Overstock...all real. You can always buy, authenticate it here and then decide if you want to keep it or return! I never had problems
  14. i purchased a bag for over 1k from them last yr and ended up returning it. the customer service was excellent and the refund was very speedy. needless to say, the bag was authentic...hope this helps!
  15. lily42 - I have a plum python True and I love it. IMHO, it looks best when the sides are fastened, and the bag pooched out. It is a great large bag. The price you mentioned is good, too. I say get it!