Is it safe for me to do this?

  1. Hi,
    I just won an auction on eBay for a bag. The seller contacted me shortly after and told me she stays in XXX country but her relative lives in the states and has all her items. Says this is less expensive for shipping. She also said her paypal account is not set up to receive payments and wants me to send the payment for the bag to her relative's paypal address. Would that be considered 'an off-eBay transaction'? And would I still be protected? The seller is a pf member in high regard, an avid collector, and the bag really is a deal, but......? What do I do?:wtf:
  2. bump. I don't know if I should pay the relative. help!
  3. I would not send her a dime, I would forward her email to an eBay rep. and wait and see what they say. Why didn't she state all this when she listed the item ? This is switch and bait after the sale, red flag.
  4. Did the seller specify in the listing that paypal payments should be sent to the relative's account? I would just use the pay now button and send to whichever paypal account that is associated with, otherwise you may not be covered.

    Here is what the buyer protection policy says:

    For purposes of eBay items, the buyer must have sent a single PayPal payment for the full price of the item to the PayPal Account specified by the seller in the listing, and must have either used the "Pay Now" button or associated the payment with the eBay listing by entering the item number into the PayPal payment instructions. If the buyer sent payment to a different PayPal Account or by a different method, even at the seller's request, the transaction will not be covered.
  5. Don't do it. Contact eBay. This sounds very suspicious.
  6. I agree w/ the rest. Don't do it! She should've known that her paypal account cannot receive payments, even before she listed her item. Instead, she should've disclosed another method of payment in her auction.
  7. Stay away! reeks of SCAM! :noggin:
  8. Let us know what ebay says.