is it safe carrying your bbag in rainy weather?

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  1. hello ladies!

    this may be a stupid question, but is it okay to carry a bbag in rainy weather? what bag do you carry when it rains? rainy season has just begun in northern california, so i've stopped carrying my black city around out of fear of ruining the leather. :sad: will water totally damage the leather, or am i just being utterly and unreasonably paranoid? what are your thoughts? :shrugs:
  2. I think it'll totally ruin the leather, pls don't!!! I become a nutcase whenever it rains, I'll shelter my Bbag and get wet myself :P

    I was told by my LV SA a long time ago that if leather ever gets wet, just air-dry it. Most importantly, do NOT place it next to a heat source, eg. your radiator or heater or hair-dryer in a bid to dry it out faster, that'll actually ruin the leather. Leave it to dry naturally in the room. Airconditioning is fine tho.
  3. thanks for the advice, peppy! i'll definitely refrain from using my bbag in rainy weather. =]
  4. Me too! I'm nuts about avoiding bags in the rain. If I ever got caught in the rain I would take my jacket off to cover my bag and just get wet myself! IDK if bbags are ok to be in the rain (and there are also products you can put on your bag to protect it from rain)... but I try to avoid my bags being in rain as much as possible. I won't take one out if it might rain and I usually carry a small plastic bag inside my bag just incase it rains I can put my bag in it. I have some cheapo tote I wear when it rains...

  5. I do use my bags but also always carry a small plasticbag which works best in case.
    But thankfully it doesn't rain much down here!:P
  6. well the weather is Auckland can change pretty quickly... so I'm always getting caught in the rain with my b-bags... BUT even when it does rain I still use my b-bags... its just a MAD dash to the car or to some shelter. The leather on my b-bags is still pretty normal. :smile: btw, the colour doesn't run or anything like that.
  7. OMG, I tried to keep my B-bag from rain toady by leaving it inside a bag in my car and only bringing in my wallet and that lead to my wallet being taken :sad:

    The things I do for my bags!
  8. I got caught in the rain really badly with my grenat city and she was so wet that I thought I damaged her but an hour later all the water had dried off without leaving one stain so I guess they aren't that sensitive to rain but all my Bbags are treated with LMB pre-treatment. I always carry by bags in rain and snow (under my umbrella) and none experienced one single stain. So I'd say it's safe to use them even in ****ty weather. :smile:
  9. Mine had been caught in the rain too several times and it survived BUT I try to avoid carrying my Bbags in the rain if I can avoid it.

    Unfortunately its going to rain all week here!!:crybaby:So I will be putting them away for awhile.
  10. OMG Liz! NO! :cry: I hope you got it back!
  11. Liz, your wallet got stolen? :wtf::crybaby: I hope you get it back eventually! :sad:
  12. What do I do? I carry my Kooba KNOCK-OFF when it's raining. I do not take my beautiful BBags out in bad weather. If it looks like rain (even if it's not raining when I leave the house), I switch bags.

    My bags are too precious to me...maybe I should buy one that's been abused a bit for a low price and use that as my "rain bag." Hmm....
  13. I got caught in the rain once with my Ink city and there were no adverse affects at all. I dried her off right away, and there were no spots or anything. I don't know what it would be like with the lighter colors, but I think with the darker shades it's no big deal.
  14. I would not carry any of my good bags in the rain. Thats when I take out my cheaper bags so I don't care what happens to them.
  15. I avoid it when possible but I've had no problems when I get stuck. I've always dried them immediately and no problemo.