is it sad..

  1. ..that i want just about any color bbag first right now :sad:
    except black haha.

    there are none on ebay...ugh.

    im dying for a reddish colored one,but none available!
  2. funny u guys both showed me rouge..i would love a rouge first..but not for more then 900 LOL.

    seriously though, im so hell bent on getting a first in a gorgeous color..i always come to this forum and envy some of you who have the most gorgeous bbag colors and i have umm nothing LOL
  3. hey pgurl
    i know how you're feeling! i just want a bag! any bag right now! i actually feeling jumping in my car and driving into town to grab something!!! maybe an LV wapity! but a turquoise b-bag would be nice! hehehe! fingerscrossed... you'll find your perfect b-bag soon!
  4. haha me too... any color in a work i'm thinking about buying!
  5. yeah, you guys make me want more and more and more and more.....and you can turn my hate towards a certain bcolour turn into love :shocked: :whistle:
  6. If you were looking for the new rusty/reddish colored one, NM has them in stock.
  7. At least you have the apple green hobo you won on ebay! Hopefully that can hold you over until you find your ideal bag.
  8. ^yah I know..+ a petwer classic from a lovely PF member LOL