Is it rude to self-serve?

  1. We all have heard stories of rude SA's who are so beeeyotch that most of the time you wouldn't want to interact with them. But if it weren't the case, is it rude to self-serve? You know, going behind counters and checking out the merchandise without an SA assisting you. Or is it more proper to stare lovingly at a merchandise and wait for an SA to approach you and help you out? I'd like to hear your thoughts on this.
  2. I've always picked up items if they are out in the open on a display or along a wall (don't know if thats rude or not never thought about it,) but I wouldn't actually go behind the counter- if no one is helping you and it appears someone is free just ask them to get the item you want out for you to have a look at if you don't want to wait for someone to approach you.
  3. I don't think it's rude at all! If I see something that catches my eye and all the SAs are occupied, I'll go check it out myself
  4. I almost always self serve at Gucci. No one has ever said anything to me so I just figured it is okay.
  5. Same here. I think it is easier to self-serve and then ask questions when I need to. The SAs aren't always available to help...
  6. I always self serve unless it is out of reach. The SAs usually don't wanna help me (at least thats what it seems like) I guess it's because I look very young and they think I probably wont be buying anything anyways. ARGH. I HATE THAT!
  7. I usually self serve if I can reach it.
  8. i figure thats what they are there for to try on and play around with!! sure my SAs are ALWYAS there, but they know if im buying i like to look alone and not have anyone crowd over me :smile: so much more relaxing! i love my store!
  9. If the SA are unavailable or just not willing to help, heck ya I will just help myself & then I usually grab someone that doesn't work in that department on purpuse & make me assist me & make sure they get the sale not the rude SA's. Though half the time if I am not receiving assistance I just walk away & buy elsewhere
  10. actually sometimes i feel embarrassed if an SA follows me everywhere, especially when I didn't plan to buy anything and sort-of just look around.
  11. i know what you mean! they usually just follow the middle-aged women, especially if they're carrying or wearing a designer brand. hehe it would make sense that older people will have more money to spend because they have jobs!