Is it rude to change my mind?

  1. I was in LV this week to pick something up, and on a whim, I asked about the vernis hearts. My SA spent some time digging through the system and found the one I thought I wanted in Chicago. I got excited, and we put it on the card. Lickity split.

    Ok... so now I don't think the heart is really me and I only got it because everyone else wants it. I never get wrapped up in what the 'it' item is! What is wrong with me?!?

    When it comes in this week, would it be rude to explain that I changed my mind and to refund? Do I go ahead and get it and just put it out on eBay?
  2. Hmm, this is tough. Your SA might be a little upset if you don't want it anymore and do a refund. I would just take it and sell it on eBay, there are probably lots of people out there that would kill for it.
  3. first... wait for it and judge for yrself in person if u liek it...:yes: then if u dun wan it, return it...:yes: maybe to a differnt store?
  4. ^^^^^^

    You had a clear case of buyer's remorse, it happens when you get caught up in the frenzy.....give it about 6 months, you will get better at making less impulsive choices, lol !!!

    Just return it, tell them it was a gift, and it didn't work out....
  5. I would wait until I see it IRL, as it is really cute. I too got one in the spur of the moment, along with a matching cosmetic case. Well I loved the heart, but I was not crazy about the cosmetic case, so I just told my S.A that I didn't love it as much as I thought I would and returned it.
  6. If you don't like it when it arrives I'm sure your SA will understand and not have any problem with you returning it.
  7. Well, with the number of cases and hearts that so many members have found flaws with and returned them, perhaps this is one of the many returns and is why it was even available to start with :girlsigh: So when it comes in, go to LV and look it over really good, if you find a flaw then you save face, if its perfect, then if I were you, i would get it and hold onto it or later sell it on Ebay, for perfect ones are far and few between nowadays.
  8. agree :yes:
  9. I don't think it's rude....but personally, I would never keep something just because I was afraid to hurt the salesperson's feelings! It's your money, and if you don't want to keep something, then you don't have to. Although if you did sell it on ebay, you might make a little profit.
  10. If you've changed your mind, just tell your SA. You shouldn't buy something if you do not like it. However, if you really feel guilty about it, buy it from the SA, but then return it the next day to the same store or another LV store with your receipt just saying that you thought about it overnight and changed your mind. Remember, SA's do not make commission.

    I do not see why you would need to buy it AND then sell it on ebay when you can just return the item the item within the return policy.
  11. hmmm this has happened to me before. I got a LE item transferred in (didn't pay yet) and once it came in, I decided not to get it, however, I bought something else that was double the price of it (which I guess it doesn't make the situation that bad then...). My SA was fine with it.

    PS: a week later, I couldn't give up what I transferred in, and went back to buy it! LOL!
  12. i don't think it's rude to change your mind - i do it all the time! no one can force you to buy something you don't want.
  13. I saw a heart (amarante, I think) yesterday at NM. It was adorable and the color was gorgeous. I was getting caught up in the whole "it only comes out for Valentine's Day" and limited stuff. Even DH was getting excited about the possibility of my having a limited edition piece! I decided not to get it because it is really kind of a useless piece for me. I don't think you should have to keep a piece that you really don't like or intend to use. Especially if it's LE, someone else will grab it up.
    I think if a SA thinks you are rude, then it's time to find a new SA.
  14. If you don't like it when you see it, then return it. If it's a good condition piece then be assured that someone else will snap it up. It's your money and you need to make the purchases you want with it, don't let "SA pressure" push you into something that you don't want and won't use.
    There's a return policy for a reason.
  15. :yes::yes: