Is it rude to bring disinfectant to a nail salon?

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  1. I went to this little neighborhood nail salon the prices are great but more importantly i love the way my nails get shaped...she does them just the way i like it. Well i got a mani & pedi last week and i noticed when i was getting my mani done another customer sat in the same chair for her pedi and they just rinised the sink area :yucky: they didn't use a cleaner which means it wasn't clean for me....YUCK:s

    I want to bring a antibacterial bottle walk in tell them i want a mani & pedi but walk over pull it out and say i want this to be cleaned and start spraying.

    How can i do that w/o offending them??

    your thoughts please :idea:
  2. In my opinion and despite the fact you are in your right to ask[SIZE=-1], they will probably think you're either snobby or anal and take offense no matter how. Therefore, I would suggest asking "would you mind cleaning the area throughoutly" with a big smile.

    Also, don't feel bad about it because at the end of the day you are the one paying and using just water is very unhyginic -if anything, they're the ones doing wrong.
  3. Fungus is not sexy and I think it's inevitable that they'll be offended. Do what you have to. I bring my own nail tools and disinfectant to my weekly mani/pedi and no one cares because I tip well :p. I get more comments from other customers than staff though.
  4. My mom got me my own nail tool kit from bath and body works and I bring it whenever I get a pedicure. The last time I got it done, my pedicurist cleaned it in disinfectant and shined it all up, too! It might run you $20, but its a heck of a lot better than fungus!
  5. are they mean to your or make snide comments?
    i bring my own tools too but it grosses me out knowing they don't clean the sink
  6. you know they are but I usually have something smart to say in return. I've been called diva, princess, snob, etc and I don't really care.

    I've seen plenty of really bad nail infections so I'm just not taking any chances. Why should you? As long as you are not bossy or overly demanding and tip well I really don't think the staff is going to care after the first few visits. Let me also add that they know they have to disinfect the foot bath right in front of me otherwise I won't get a pedi. After seeing some other people's horrendous feet after a pedicure :wtf: that's just not a chance I'm taking LOL

    I get my nails done in Harlem. Oh the stories I could tell :upsidedown:
  7. I'd bring it..who cares if they get annoyed our comes matter what!
  8. They'll probably get offended at first but you could jokingly talk about just how germaphobic you are and they'll probably understand. Just pretend that it's all about your obsessive compulsiveness and not about them being unclean. And just tip well and be extra nice to the workers there for being an "inconvenience."
  9. You should report them to the state. What they are doing is illegal & could get their license taken away. I would be wondering what other shortcuts they are taking that you'd don't see. The laws are there for a reason.
    You want it clean & someone calls you a snob or a princess? Anyone else see anything wrong with this picture? What if you called them a dirty pig for not caring whether they get a fungus or not. Cause they are gambling with a funky fungus everytime they don't care whether the sink has been sanitized.
  10. Yuck. Why would you even want to go back there, whether or not you bring your own disinfectant?? There has to be another nail salon.

    My vote is: stay far away. I agree with Vegas Long Legs that what they are doing is illegal. And it's disgusting.
  11. I would NEVER go back. But if you have to, bringing disinfection is the only way to go.
  12. well i did go and i brought my big bottle and i just sprayed away and no one said anything so yay... it is gross that they didn't clean but im being cheap i guess it cost just 19.99 and any other salon costs 30 or more
  13. I would not go with there anymore. The $10 you save is not worth the risk or a fungus or the hassle of bringing your own disenfectant.
  14. I would say find a cleaner place.

    Yes, you would save $11 at that place, but think of how much more you'd have to spend on treatment if you picked up a fungal infection.

    When it comes to your body or your health, you REALLY don't want to be pinching pennies.
  15. I agree! I say it's rude of them to make comments about it! And would be even more rude on their part if you contracted some fungus from their gross stuff!