Is it rude to ask...

  1. OK, I know that some people think of it as an invasion to ask someone about their bag (price, authenticity are obviously No-No topics). But what if I see someone with a great bag that I don't recognize, that I might like to get for myself. Do you think it is rude to ask the brand and/or where they got it?
  2. ask away! i would! if i see something i must have or must know about, i ask!

    yay 1800th post!
  3. I ask all the time, are those Gucci shoes, is that a Burberry coat? Most people are flattered.
  4. I think it is flattering to be asked about a bag!
  5. I'm thrilled whenever someone asks me about my handbag as I love to talk bags! (It's rare but it has happened) But on the flip side, on a couple of occasions, I have complimented women on the gorgeous bags that they carried and they were less than thrilled to put it gently. One even held her bag close to her chest as if I was gonna snatch it or something! And no, I wasn't staring or anything, I just said something like, "What a beautiful bag." LOL I do think it's sad when we can't even accept a compliment graciously.
  6. Inquiring about the brand and where she got it is not rude IMO. It should be taken as a compliment.
  7. Not at all. There are so many bags out there to learn about.
  8. I don't mind.

    Especially here on the forum, it's 100% ok.
  9. of course not!
  10. I do this sometimes. I don't think it's rude. Most people see it as a great compliment. I saw a man recently when I was on a business trip and he had a nice Burberry scarf and a great pair of Prada shoes (reminded me of my husbands style). I complimented him on his shoes and mentioned that my husband loved Prada too. I think it was the first time he'd ever received a compliment from a stranger (a woman He was just so excited..his face lit up and we talked the entire
  11. Tell that to most of the people I know!:rolleyes::rant: LOL!!!

    I don't think it's rude to ask about the brand, etc. I think a person carrying a bag would only feel great if they knew some one likes their bag enough to approach them and aks about it!:yes:
  12. i like when people ask me,i ask.

    so i say ask away.
  13. I got people coming up to me to ask me where I got the back from. I suppose you can know if they genuinely want to know or are they being rude. Even most of the time if someone ask about the price, I believe it is just a question.

  14. all of it is soooooo true. i've had some nice convos with gals and i've had some ladies not even look me in the eye. effin rude. i do love to talk bags ;) even tho i'm a rookie. ya gotta start somewhere!
  15. Nope, I think it just shows that you admire their style. Nothing wrong w/ that!!! Ask away!!!!