Is it rude to ask someone what color grade their engagement diamond is?

  1. So I was at my friend's July 4th BBQ yesterday and met one of her newly engaged friend's for the first time (my friends going to be her bridesmaid). I must say that I couldnt help but notice her gorgeous 1.5 carat engagement ring!!! I could see it sparkling at me from across the table (and we were indoors)! I complimented her on it and she seemed very flattered. A guy at the table asked her how much it was. I sat there thinking... gosh, you don't as ask a lady that! BUT...

    ...what I was REALLY DYING to ask her was what color it was. Not because I'm nosy and want to know how much money they spent but because I plan on being engaged one day and I want to know what color I must get to have such a beautiful "white" looking diamond in that size. I just know that if I was in a shop looking at rings, of course I would "see" that a G color would look better than a H color and be more inclined to buy the higher grade color because I knoew its better and that would make it hard to draw the line when you know that its such and such a color whereas if I knew what color hers was, it would give me an idea as to how good such and such a color grade actually looks to a someone who sees your ring without comparing it with others. Hers looked beautiful and of a high quality and that's how I would want mine to look.

    In the end, no I did not ask her because I felt it might be rude and might make her feel uncomfortable. But gosh, I'm STILL dying to know!!
  2. Its a hard one, I would not feel comfortable asking, but like you I would be dying to know!
  3. I agree. I'd probably be curious to know too, but I don't think that's something you should ask. I think you made a good choice in refraining yourself.
  4. I would not ask. If your are looking for advice, I'd have your boyfriend ask her what she recommends since she has such a great ring.
  5. depends on your relationship with her and how did she react to the money question? I would probably ask i mean is not like your asking how much your asking the quality.
  6. No, I wouldn't ask. It would just have to remain one of life's mysteries.
  7. It is my understanding that so much goes into the sparkle of a ring besides just the color. Whenever I am diamond shopping, I ALWAYS ask to take the diamond out into regular daylight (away from the "sparkle lights" of a jewelry store. If it sparkles the way I like it in regular light, it's a winner. Let me stress, even if it's Tiffany's in a mall with a guard at the door, I still get the SA to come outside with me to check the sparkliness of the diamond. Therefore, don't stress about not asking her the color grade....when it's your time, you'll see with your own eyes!
  8. I would never just ask a stranger, but if I was having a conversation w/ someone about their ring and they seemed candid, I may ask.
    If I were having a conversation w/ someone and we were friendly, I don't think it'd bother me if they inquired.
    If a stranger asked I'd feel a little weird though!
  9. I don't think I would ask. Usually when you get into a conversation about diamonds, the information gets volunteered very casually.
  10. I wouldn't have asked either.

    I have people ask me the colour of my rings but they are people that actually know me. I would feel weird if someone I didn't know asked me.
  11. i wouldn't ask either.
  12. I definitely don't think that's something to ask someone...especially since I think you said you didn't really know her. Maybe have your friend who is in her wedding do some investigative work for you! ;P
  13. I think most people would find that to be rude. I know I would. Engagement rings are very personal and an emotional/financial investment. That's almost like asking someone how much they weigh or the cost of their home.In answer to your question, colorless (D,E,F) is best with the best clarity you can afford (SI1 or SI2 is decent). Questions of that nature are best asked when speaking with a jeweler.I think it's less rude when it's a piece of jewelry OTHER than an engagement ring. I wouldn't even ask a close family member or friend that question. Besides, every ring is not certified so that person may not know.I work in jewelry, and honestly most people buying engagement rings buy what they find to be beautiful and the 4 C's (color, cut, clarity, carat weight) are rarely the only consideration, unless they're upgrading from a lesser quality ring. They're showing the love the person has for another and the intent to marry them.
  14. Good suggestion! :tup:
  15. Oh...and a stone looks "whiter" when set in a white metal, such as white gold or platinum. If one cannot afford colorless or close to it, a setting in yellow gold might be better to hide the higher body color in the diamond. You don't have to go colorless to have a beautiful stone.