Is it RUDE to ask seller...

  1. how much the best or the lowest he can do? Please advice, thanks.
  2. uuum, i guess it depends on the scenario. if the item in question is like ten stuffed animals, sure why not? however, if the seller doesn't have a "best offer" option on his/her listing, i wouldn't ask. also, those kinds of questions tend to trigger alarms for eBay because that often leads to off-eBay transactions.
  3. Ohh... I usually get much mgs from potential buyers, ask how much the lowest I'll take. I'm selling in woman clothing, handbags, shoes etc category. Actually, is it allowed by eBay or not?
  4. I have lost count how many people have emailed and asked if I could sell for $XXX, I don't have a buy it now or best offer and must admit it can be annoying but it also depends on how the person asks, like an email I received stating the price of my bag was a bit steep - it was a 2007 LV listed at several hundred dollars off the retail price and was still as good as new so naturally I would like to get back as much as possible.
  5. As a buyer and a seller, I don't see any harm in at least asking if a seller would do a better price. The worst they can do is say no. I agree with ultimatechic, however, I think it's in the way a buyer asks. I just can't stand those emails along the lines of "THIS XXX IS TOO EXPENSIVE. PLEASE GIVE YOUR BEST PRICE." No please, no thank you and caps lock! ugh!

    Regardless of whether an item is/isn't overpriced (that's the seller's perogative), I still think a bit of courtesy goes a long way!
  6. Oh, and I forgot to add - it goes both ways: a simple "Thanks for your question.. Unfortunately, I'm unable to go down to that price" is much better than an "NO. If you want cheaper go somewhere else!"
  7. So, could I assume if ask for the best price is normal and isn't rude?
  8. Which one is rude? My question or seller's replied:

    I see that you resell what you buy. My prices are clearly stated on my auction. if it does not sell, I will give it to my best friend for Christmas. I don't see any reason to cut you a break to boost your resale profits.


    I think there's no wrong to resell the item we purchased then not fit or just purchased another item and need to make room for new item.
  9. As a seller, I honestly don't like getting those type of questions. I say if you're a serious buyer - just make an offer for the most you want to spend on the item and then I'll decide whether or not to accept.

    It seems to me like the seller in this case did a little research on you before replying and called you out on it. If she's right, I guess you really shouldn't be surprised at her reply - rude or not.

    Maybe next time instead of asking what their best price is, you should offer your best price and see if they go for it.
  10. ^^^I agree. I am happy to answer "will you negotiate?" with a yes or no. But I am not really interested in a question like "how low can you go?" If someone wants to make me a serious offer, I will be happy to entertain it, but I am not going to simply lower my price in response to that type of question when I have no way of knowing the person is serious.
  11. I don't exactly find it rude, but I have a difficult time dealing with questions like this. I think it's more appropriate to make an offer (after all the worst that can happen is that the seller says no). If the seller decides to lower the price, he/she can still officially sell the item on ebay by "ending auction early and selling to highest bidder" so that you both have protection and can provide feedback at the end of the transaction.

    I think a serious buyer would have a price in mind. Some people ask "how low can you go?" just to see what your answer will be but aren't really interested in the item.
  12. I have never sold anything on ebay. I have never asked someone to sell a specific thing off ebay if it was already listed. If I forgot to bid and nobody else did then I often ask if they will be listing the item again, or if maybe I could buy it off ebay. But I would never ask someone to sell something that was already listed.
  13. Thanks :smile: I think I'll ask for "will you negotiate?" in future.
  14. This seller's response is quite rude. I also received similar questions from buyers. I don't mind they ask, but I expect to have a mutual respect. I had buyers asked if I am opening for offerings while my listings are listed as starting bids and BIN. When I replied as "Sure. I am opening for reasonable offers. Would you please let me know what the price is in your mind?" I oftenly received no replies. If the buyer's message is rude, I would just say "Thank you for your message. The starting price is the minimum price I am willing to sell."

  15. yeah i'm also much more inclined to listen to the offer if someone gives a price first, instead of asking me how low i'll go.