Is it right to say that it is cheaper to buy BBAG in paris than US??

  1. The city in the US is $1195 us dollars correct?


    City in France is 965 euros which equals roughly 1316 us dollars

    BUT I will get 12% back when I leave france to come to the US correct?? So it will be 849 euros which equals 1158 which is a few bucks cheaper than buying in the states?

    Are my figures right or do I have the wrong amounts?
  2. I don't know the exchange and VAT rates. Those are easy enought to verify but if you are correct, there is one warning I would give you. Make sure you know the rules on getting your VAT back. We bought a bunch of stuff in Italy thinking we would get it back. Well, the requirement was some really obscure rule that we had to get the form stamped at the airport but we were connecting flights and we didn't have enough time between flights to make it to the customs place at the airport. It absolutely has to be stamped in the right country. I think we were laying over in Germany and it was supposed to get stamped in the last country we were in, not Italy. But we only had like 1 hour in between flights so we didn't make it. I was so mad.
  3. I correct me if I'm wrong! but I've heard that the US is the cheapest place to buy Bbags:yes:
  4. 1195 dollars are about 880 in euros so it's a bit cheaper
  5. But it's 1195 dollards without tax right?
  6. Correct but if I were to buy one in the US, i wouldnt have to pay tax bc I would have them ship it but if I understand correctly it seems that since I will get 12 percent back if I buy the purse in Germany, it actually ends up being like 30 dollars cheaper than if i were to buy in the states........

    Am i right or wrong?
  7. with the horrible exchange rate and all the hassle with VAT I'd rather recommend getting your dream bag in the US if it sits there readily in the store, you won't save that much money after all but nerves about your bag being there or not
  8. I think BalParis are a little cheaper than US...Esp. if you live in London. You can catch the train over there and buy tax free. Yet, I'm stuck on this BIG island in the middle of no-where called Australia! It's the only time us Aussies get jealous of all the Euro-gals who have many exotic countries at their doorstep!
  9. I think it might also depend on the type of bag you're looking for. I'm near Paris right now and am considering buying another Day bag here because based on the prices listed by some other pfers, a Day here would cost 675 Euros, which, after VAT and exchange rate is something like $810, a good bit less than the $995 I paid for my Aqua Day at BalNY....There's less of a difference though between the prices on the City and Work I think...
  10. The US prices are higher than PAris prices if you're a non-EU resident. This is mainly because the 1195 for a city is without taxes, whereas the BalParis price you've listed is WITH tax. -12% VAT as a non-EU resident would make it cheaper than the 1195..