Is it ridiculous to own both a grey and black caviar jumbo?

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  1. I bought the grey caviar jumbo with silver hardware about a month ago, now I got the call that the black caviar jumbo with silver hardware is it ridiculous to have both??? Thanks:smile:)
  2. It depends. If you have a lot of Chanel bags and collect many colors, then it is not crazy. It is just another "color". However, if you only have a few Chanel bags to swap wearing, then yes... grey is too similar to black and whatever you wear with a grey bag, you can do that with a black bag. If you want to stay with a neutral, I would get a beige. Or, if you want to venture out to get a color, get something bright like a red.

    If you do get a black, at least get it with GHW for a mix. Otherwise, to me, grey with SHW and black with SHW is too close.

    And... it really depends on how many Chanel bags you have. I think that's really the key.
  3. totally agree with willeyi :smile:
  4. agreed!!
  5. Agree. Maybe consider a diff size or hardware or lamb skin?
  6. if you can get the black jumbo with ghw if you didnt already own a similar one. nothing wrong with having more than 1 of the same style bag but in differ color.....go get it girl!!
  7. thank you all for all your help!!!!! If you could own only 2 chanel caviars, would it be a grey and red or a black and red (all caviar and silver hardware jumbos)...thank you!!!!!
  8. For me, it will be black n red becuz black is more classic and the red will be for a pop of color.
  9. Red and black
  10. red and black
  11. Red and black for me too please ;)
  12. Black and Grey with different hardware. I would keep the grey caviar jumbo with SHW, which is a great combination and try to get a black jumbo with GHW.
  13. For you, given the two bag rule,... I think black and beige. Beige is good for summer clothing. Sometimes neither red nor black work with summer clothes. Both colors can look heavy... and one needs a summer color bag for sure.

    To me, a black jumbo is too dark for summer, so that just leaves you with red. I think beige is a better choice in this case since you said only two bags.

    You didn't mention white, so I am assuming that is out. I know a lot of people are afraid of white, but for me, if I could have only two bags, it would be black and white. I wear my white caviar nearly all summer long. It really pops and makes such a statement. My second favorite summer color is pink which I wear a lot also.

    For a two bag rule, I would think what can you do in winter and summer.

    Just my thoughts.
  14. Black and red, but with different color hardware.
  15. I agree with this. I love a light colored bag for summer and am on the hunt for my perfect ivory or white summer bag. The other option would be a nice pop of color, like a red, or maybe a metallic like silver or gold. Good luck with your decision!