Is it really worth selling my speedy 25 on ebay? Need advice please

  1. I know I normally tell people not to sell their bags, but I have decided the 25 is just too small for me and I would prefer the 30. I bought my bag new in June of this year before the price increase from an LV store. My only selling outlet is ebay but there are SO many speedys on there at all times since this is such a common bag. I have seen some go for in the $300 range. What should I reasonably expect to get for a 3 month old bag? I can not sell my bag for $300 because it is basically brand new. So many of the speedy 25 on ebay right now just sit there with no bids. Is this a lost cause? Like I said I don't want to take a huge loss on it since I paid $560 just a few months ago. What would you do? Should I just hold on to it and basically just store it in my closet, or is it worth putting on ebay knowing full well there are a bazillion there? I truly don't know what to do....:shrugs:
  2. I would expect at least $400.00, maybe $450.00. If you have the receipt and take really good pictures, you should have no problem.
  3. If you don't need the money... I'd say hold onto the 25 for awhile. Perhaps you can have a trial period where you have both the 25 and the 30 and then decide which one you like better? I don't think another month of ownership would cause the bag to lose much more value on eBay!
  4. You should have no problem getting $400-450 for it as long as you still have the receipt and the bag still looks new.

    Good luck!!
  5. do you have anykids?
  6. or girls really
  7. I agree with jadecee! If you don't need the money right now, I'd tuck the 25 away in its dustbag and wait for another LV price increase before trying to sell it...this way your bag will only go "up" in value!

    I buy and sell LVs often as my tastes/needs change. Some I buy new, some I buy preowned through EBay and the auction site. Many I sell on EBay, but others I've actually sold through my network of friends. A Speedy 25 is a great bag for the first time LV buyer because they are usually younger and don't need to carry all of the stuff we "mommies" do.

    Buying an authentic gently used designer bag of any kind requires a lot of research and many gals don't know where to start looking nor do they have the time to do so. I find they are more comfortable buying a bag from someone they know (even casually) and feel they can trust. For example, I recently sold a nice Monogram Looping GM to my manicurist and she was thrilled! My b/f also owns a jewelry store, and just last week I sold a LV Batignolles Horizontal and a MJ Guinevere to one of his customers who liked another bag I happened to be carrying. This saved them time and effort, and saved me Ebay and PayPal fees as well. And as an added bonus, buyers of this nature usually aren't as driven toward "hard bargaining" as most buyers on Ebay.

    Hope these suggestions help. Most of all, you'll have to be realistic about what you can expect to get for the bag. I do think you'll have a better chance of getting more money for your Speedy 25 away from Ebay, especially right now. If your aim is to recoup a large amount of your original investment rather than having the quick cash in hand, you'll do best to wait through a price increase.

    I know this is a lot of "advice"...hope it helps just a little!
  8. Have you thought about selling it on or I often see Speedy's which go for almost retail (or more :wtf:).
  9. i think you should store it and save it, do lv go up in value over the years?
  10. ms.alley - it's not that LVs actually go "up" in value over the years per se...

    What I was trying to explain was - since LV bags never go on sale a reseller can comfortably charge a percentage of the current list new, especially for a bag that is as timeless as a Speedy 25. Let's say she paid $560 for the bag and the going rate for a gently used is only $400-450 right now. If she is able to wait through a price increase (or two), the amount she can charge for her used bag will increase as the current list on the same bag new does. Does this make sense?

    Sorry for the confusion!
  11. That is some VERY good advice about waiting for another price increase. Good thinking! :supacool:
  12. for a 3 month old bag that looks brand new, then you're looking at about 80% retail at the least.
  13. ouch. i hate to think of it... but, this is the only time a price increase is 'good'!
  14. Today I got the mono Speedy 30 and thought to myself I am so glad that I did not order the 25 infact I find the 30 small for me and think that I should have went with the 35..I love big bags...I agree mommies need bigger bags because we are carrying around so much...The 25 is a good bag if you do not have to much stuff or for going out in the is not practical for me for daytime use. You could keep it for evening...I wish I would of gotten the 35...ohhhh darn...