is it really worth it??

  1. I have been eyeing up this gorgeus 05 bordeaux city and the seller is kindly selling me the bag for about C$1250 including shipping which i worked out will be approx £ US its probably about $1200.

    The bag is in great condition but do you think its worth it for a used bag? is the 05 leather really that nice? its a beautiful colour and i opened a thread about a week ago asking whether i should get the black city GH so im still mulling over that..

    Do you think its a good price or its just a personal preference in how much you want that bag? what made you choose an old bag over a brand new it for a colour that no longer exists..leather etc?

    Do you think i should listen to my guilty conscience and just wait for the new bags?? i do like the vert thymes with either the gold or silver hardware ...:confused1:
  2. I think bordeaux is lovely, but IMHO, I would wait it out for something you know you will love. I think that Vert thYME looks amazing.
  3. With all the new colours coming out, personally I'd wait for a new bag.

    If you love the bordeux 05 then go for it, but I wouldn't buy an 05 bag, just for the sake of owning an 05.
  4. I just paid way over retail for my 05 Rouge Theatre city, but it was brand new...never used and in pristine condition and it was my HG. To me, it was worth every penny since they are so hard to come by, especially in brand new condition.
  5. ^^ my answer is "yes & yes"!!! :tup:
  6. bordeaux 05 is highly coveted but mostly importantly do you see yourself using a red bbag? and it has regular hardware, not giant hardware. if you can't see this, then don't get it just cos it's highly coveted by others and you're just going to keep it in your closet after paying so much for it. unless, like i always say, you have money to throw away.
  7. Yes, I do.

    Let me tell you how much I love 05 Bordeaux. I purchased and used a Bordeaux Twiggy. For some stupid reason, I sold it. I regretted it and found a Bordeaux City. I then later sold that bag because I have been bag binging and my bank account was scary to look at. However, I found myself purchasing another Bordeaux City not even 3 weeks after I sold it. I love Bordeaux; for me it is much more wearable than red (and I had a RT city!). I say go for it!! You will not regret it.

    The bottom line is that the new bags coming out can not compare to the older leathers. I would rather have one or two 04 or 05 bags than a handful of 07 or 08.
  8. Like everyone else says, it depends on your personal preference. Personally, i would not hesitate to buy an '05 bag for that amount, but would for a brand new bag. For me, the leather *is* just that much better for the older ones.
  9. I am going to agree with 'bama and becca - the 05s are incomparable. The leather, the colors, the quality construction, all far exceed any later year.

    Personally, I'd rather have a semi-use 05 than a BNWT 08 :shrugs:
  10. i say YES. leather on 05 is worth it!! especially if it is in great condition.
  11. I agree w/ fayden, hmwe~ I have an 05 first and the leather is sooo soft and thick-unlike most of the newer bags. Plus it is already broken in~~
  12. Well, I haven't felt or seen an '05 bag in person, but it's hard for me to imagine paying that much for a used bag. I don't know about this one.
  13. Ok. I've never seen an 05 bag myself either until I visited a major retailer lately. When it was pulled from the drawers, I knew it was an 05 (the smooth leather/ veinless texture/ and rich, saturated color). Too bad, that it was a used one too. Apparently someone returned a used bag. Such a shame. Amongst all the bbags in the section, it is obvious that this one is different.
  14. I paid $250 over retail for my bbag holy grail 04 lilac, and it's worth ever penny! It was used, and it didn't have extra tassels, but it's just a beautiful bag and I love it to pieces!
    So I would say, if you really, really, really, REALLY love the bag, take the plunge! But if there's any hesitation, then.....
    Good luck!
  15. I might as well ask: what retail and what was the style/color?!?! :nuts: