Is it really that pricey?

  1. Well, with that color being from a past season sometimes they do go pretty high but this one was in EXCELLENT condition so that played a part in the price and if a lot of people are interested it can also make the price go up. Good Luck finding one!
  2. i must said that the price on older bags are very fluxtuative. sometimes the same item can sold for 2000$ and if the same thing appears in a day or two it could only sold for 1000$.
    i've seen the case too many.
    i guess if you're often enought to logged on eBay, you might get lucky :p
  3. Ditto...

    In my time, I have seen some bags go for fairly 'normal' prices

    I've seen two on ebay and one on Anne's Fabulous Finds go for around the $1000-$1200 mark