Is it REALLY Obsessive? You tell me

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  1. Do you think buying all these bags is obsessive....? Or just a love for purses? I had an argument with my other half because he said I obsessed over Kooba's. I realised that all my life, I've loved clothes, handbags, shoes, make up, being this way. I notice everything........I love pedicures, manicures, facials and massages, and I go once a month......(prefaced by: I never had a pedicure till July of this year, and now Im hooked) I just think I work pretty hard, and Im not going to bury it with me...any other thoughts?

    It makes me feel beautiful even though Im an average looking woman by societal standards, to go out with that bag on my shoulder, with my toes polished (even though no one sees them, and my face feelin fresh.

    I believe its part of a package deal......and its definitely a female thing.:heart:
  2. I think you said it best in your second paragraph...

    I'm average-looking with an average body and for the most part I sport jeans and a t-shirt or nice top. Carrying a fabulous bag makes me feel great, and that's why I'm hooked. I could care less if anyone knows what brand my bag is or how much I spent on it - it's like my little secret ego booster. ;)

    I suppose the other part of it for me is the hunt. Scouring endlessly on the internet for deals to find the next one to come home. What could be better than that?

    Is it an obsession? My hubby would say "absolutely", but I would call it a "hobby".
  3. Ummmmmm....Has anyone seen Koobalovers real pic??? When she isn't Nicole Ritchie, In real life she is actually much prettier (and less intoxicated I bet) than Nicole. Steph, you're a knock-out.
  4. I think that it becomes obsessive when you buy, buy and buy and don't use. Or, if you buy just to buy (unless, of course, you have all the money in the world to do it). However, I tend to be pretty frugal.

    I think it is a female thing. Men for the most part, really don't obsess over appearance, new products for personal care, clothes, etc. I think liking bags and jewelry and makeup, etc., is a fgirl thing.

    I think you just need to know your limits, emotionally (i.e. most guys probably don't want to hear about x bag that you just love over and over) and financially. That's my two cents on the topic!
  5. I don't think it is an unhealthy "obession" unless you are putting off bills to purchase bags. Example behind on house notes, cars etc.... I work really hard and I love handbags. My husband also complains. He has a car obession that costs way more than my bags ever could. Right now he is trying to restore a 69 camaro and everything for the car is "needed" my bags are not. whatever. the car is an endless money sucking machine.

    Enjoy yourself you only live once, and you are right you can't take it with you!
  6. I agree that as long as you are not neglecting your financial responsibilities and know your financial limits, that it is not an obsession. I also gravitate to handbags, but it turns to be a practical purchase as I always use them. I definitely think it's a female thing as men just don't understand (but instead compulsively buy new electronics, video games, car parts, etc.)!
  7. Aww... you're way too kind Lexie. I wish I had the gall to post a pic of myself without make-up, hair, or eyebrows so you could see my average-ness. LOL... but I won't 'cause I don't want you to recant the above ego-boost. :girlsigh:
  8. I agree. My husband will purchase a $400 dollar computer case and not think twice. I know he thinks it is funny that I spend my money on handbags. He does say that I deserve them so he is a keeper. 18 years next month. Okay now I feel old. I know how to make myself feel better......can anyone guess.
  9. ^ hunting for a new fabulous bag?:whistle:
  10. Redorfe is singing......THats Great!!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree my husband buys guitars, computers, all kinds of toys.....These aren't toys to me, they're treasures.......LOL:angel:
  11. Guys don't use handbags, so they'll never fully 'get it.' But how many of us have men in our lives who are members of Boards dealing with cars, hunting, fishing, you name it, LOL.

    As long as bags don't put you in financial hardship, there's nothing wrong with just enjoying your passion! AND, as we all know, a great bag makes our outfit!!
  12. My SO actually bragged that his car forum has a ton of members. Then I showed him tpf:angel:; he was so surprised at how many other ladies (& some fellas) besides myself :heart:LOVE:heart: bags! I think that he understands that it's as pursegrrl put it a "passion". He even remembered to tell our mutual friend about the Kooba sale. We were both amused. :p
  13. That is classic. It is always great when they actually pipe in about a sale or a particular purse.
  14. My DH thinks handbags are ridiculous-but he can spend just as much on a new golf club as I can on a bag! yes I think the hunt for the greatest deal is part of the fun-and also having a selection is great too!
  15. I just recieved my Sienna with the large distressed pebbled leather from Bluefly. It is beautiful. Bigger than I thought and little big for me (only 5 ft.)but I still can't resist it. I was wondering if anyone conditions ithe leather or does anything else to it? If so what do you recommend?