is it really cheaper in paris?

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  1. Hi y'all!

    This thread is for my friend. She's currently in Europe right now for her much deserved 2-week vacation and she specifically made Paris her last stop. She really wants to purchase at least 2 LVs:yahoo: since a friend told her that they are sold cheapest in Paris than in any other place in the world. Is it true? HOw about the 12% sales tax?:confused1: Since she's a non-UK resident she hopes to avail of a rebate. Is there such a thing? And if she charges it to her credit card, would the same tax be imposed on her?:confused1: My boss told me that up to now she's still waitng for the sales tax refund since her trip in Nov. One of the LV stores in Paris promised her that they'll take care of the sales refund. Please help! Many thanks in advance!;)
  2. Yup, buying LV is Paris is a lot cheaper... I wanna go to the CE store one day!
  3. as long as she's not a resident of the EU and she brings her passport with her to the boutique, she should be all set. also, she HAS to take the paperwork and purchased goodes to the VAT refund place in the airport so she can get her money back (12%). my mom did her LV purchases on her credit card and it took a couple months for the refund to be credited back.
  4. What about currency converted? Do the credit cards charge enough for it to come out less expensive still?
  5. The currency conversion difference is very very small. BUY IT IN PARIS or she will regret BIG TIME. Clear enough? :smile:
  6. so, the saley pm costs at eluxury $885, how much in France?
    Thank you
  7. How much cheaper are we talking? 10% 5% 20%???
  8. Is there a limit to how many bags you can buy in Paris? A friend of mine said that when she went to Paris years ago a lady approached her and asked if she could buy her an LV bag.
    My friend isn't into high end bags so she told the lady that she didn't know anything about LV bags and which one to buy. The lady said she didn't care what she bought but gave her $2500 dollars (I don't know what currency though)
    I thought this was crazy because for all she knew my friend could have walked off with the money.
    My friend went into the store but noone would help her so she gave the money back to the lady.
    Sooooooooo is there a limit?
  9. there is the customs monetary allowance. it is $800USD per person. you can risk not declaring it (and possibly get it confiscated) or pay customs fees if you do declare more than $800. you HAVE to show your paperwork and goods to the VAT office at the airport to get your money back.
  10. on in the france section the saleya pm is 590 euros. that comes out to about $798USD. last i had heard you qualify for a 12% VAT refund. so with a quick and dirty calculation that would come out to $700USD or 519 euros.
  11. wow, that is good enought for visiting. I think I am heading France this summer :yahoo:
  12. Check with the LV boutique, i heard that they actually participate in the summer sales that goes on in the, i think 3rd week of june through some of July, or soemthing like that. Google it. I would call for you but it's too late right now. I have an awesome international plan on my cell phone, it's only 7cents a minute to france. :biggrin:
  13. Here is one article that talks about the summer sales in France, that says LV participates. I've never heard anyone write that this is actually the case, so it is probably. Either way, if you have a choice and plan to shop, you might want to try to get there during the sales. Hermes, Chloe, etc all participate. Last year the summer sales started on June 28th, they sale dates for this summer are not announced yet but will be soon.
  14. Wow, it is nice to know !!!

    I do sincerely appreciated for your sharing! :yes:
  15. How's LV's prices in the following countries:

    Paris, France: ok, cheapest I assume.
    Spain: also comparable to France's.


    England's pretty comparable to US, which is normal price

    Asian countries such as:

    Just curious. I'm a frequent traveler.