Is it really better to give than recieve?

  1. We all love to get gifts, but do enjoy giving them?

    I love surprising people with little gifts. I have a friend who likes tinkerbelle too, so I will often post stickers or small things I see to her or drop a little something off to a friend who is down, slip things in my kids or DH back pack...that kind of thing. I usually bring treats into the office (DH family business...where I 'technically' don't work) for Valentines day, St. Patrick's Day, etc.

    I really enjoy it! I also enjoy picking the perfect presents for people...just makes me feel good.

    Anyone else?

    What are your favorite little treats or random acts of kindness....

    to get?

    to give?
  2. I wont fib, I love to get gifts! But, I also find joy in giving gifts. I love suprising friends with little tokens to let them know how much I care about our friendship. I love to send my sisters or neices clothes that I no longer wear or buy them something they have been eyeing and cant afford. I put little love notes and trinkets in my daughters lunch box to let her know I am thinking about her when she is off at school. I make cookies and treats and mail them to my Dad, he is older and alone, so I know he enjoys getting something homemade. Just little acts of random kindness here and there. Giving is very enjoyable!!
  3. I prefer to give.

    Swear I do:yes:

    I have enough and the things I covet are luxurious and most people won't be buying them for me.. . . I don't need anything.

    I LOVE to give gifts! I almsot can't wait when it's christmas or birthdays, I get a little anxious!
  4. I love giving gifts.
    I enjoy that more than getting =)
    just seeing people enjoying what they get is worth it!

    I give big baskets filled with goodies quite a bit..
    bestfriend was having trouble and was really down so I fixed her up a basket
    with lots of comfort foods...chips (few kinds), Chocolates (few kinds) cookies (few kinds) , even a cereal she really loves :biggrin:
    with a few good face masks I love and some foot cream & a few other items..

    I surprise my daughter with cute drawings of me & her hugging and write that I love her..and other notes like that :smile:
    on my daughter's bday I love to give special gifts to each kid. all kids get bday presents at her birthdays..I love seeing the childrens faces ^_^
  5. ^^^Yeah, basket lovers unite! I love to do baskets too!
  6. I love both receiving and giving :smile: But I also love buying myself a present for something I've accomplished:yes:

    I like to do "random acts of kindness" too. It's fun and with so much negativity in the world, it's nice to just spread some positivity. I also belive in Karma too.

    I give change to homeless people because it kills me to see them hungry and cold. Last year I sent my sister roses, a teddy bear and chocolates on Valentine's day because she's single and I didn't want her to feel sad. I love getting my husband silly, cute little gifts randomly just to remind him of how much I appreciate him. Seeing him happy means the world to me :heart: :heart: I love when he gives me gifts too but I keep telling him I really don't need anything, and try to convince him to spend it on himself! but he never does.
  7. :biggrin: lotta fun isn't it^^
  8. While I obviously don't mind (ok, I love) getting gifts, I also I love giving gifts. When I'm given a gift it makes me feel special, and I guess I like to make other people feel special too. My thing lately has been little packages to my brothers & friends who are away at school or just live further away. I probably have more fun shopping for other people than I do for myself.
  9. I am a basket queen! I love to put all kinds of theme baskets together!

    I also love to by "silly" gifts for no reason! I like to bring someone a toy or something totally fun! One of my co-workers really likes SpongeBob so I will find cute cartoon stuff for her.

    When someone is sick, I like to make a get well goodie bag with comfort foods, magazines, and coloring books! You are never to old to color!
  10. i love giving gifts! just making someone happy is so worth it to me!
  11. I used to do it more (cards to friends, little suprise candies or something I know they'd like, feel better kits) but not so much these days except for my kids. I really love the birthday party thing where we make up goody bags for all the kids coming to the party. I tend to go overboard a bit, but it's fun for me and I am starting to see my kids get into making up the bags too. As my kids get older I'll probably get back into the swing of the friend gifts, but I don't have as much time to shop these days.

    I remember as a kid my mom used to do lots of gifts for no reason and I loved it and felt very special. I want to do that for my kids too.
  12. I love getting gifts, but I love giving them even more :smile: To see the look on someone's face after you randomly give them something cute or whatever is just so great!
  13. both! but giving is my favorite part.

    i love being creative and prefer to give a bunch of small gifts that i know the reciever would love..

    and would equally be appreciative if i recieved gifts that have more of a sentimental value then $$.

    kinda OT but $$ i can always buy myself. but someone buying something they know i'd love but without me telling the best! and either end of that situation is fine with me
  14. I say it's better to... receive. I never know what to give out as gifts, so I just give out gift cards.
  15. I love sending my friends and family e-cards from They are free, but they have such a great collection to choose from. I do it for occassions of course, but I love to send them for no reason at all, and it is such a pick me up for both me and the receiver. So much nicer than just a typical email, I usually make them all cry cuz it makes them feel so loved!!