Is it reallie impossible to find French Blue City??

  1. Im crazy for that bag but realize it could be totally sold out!!! Anyone has any idea where i may be able to find this beauty:confused1:

    PS BalNY is sending pics of their current stock...hopefully today....i will post those up later
  2. whats their email. did u email them to ask for their stock list?
  3. There is a french blue city at Saks New Orleans as of Saturday. The SA's don't know the color names so just say the really bright blue bag.
  4. If you don't get it this year, you might want to wait until S/S 2008 collection which they will have electric blue which similar to french blue and hopefully they would make this one better without any yellowing problem like french blue has.
  5. Bal NY email address :

    You might want to specificly address that email to your SA
  6. Thanks for the head's up about the yellowing of the FB leather. I had no idea...Let's hope the EB will not have this issue.
  7. The new electric blue is not as bright as the french blue. I love french blue, but am not impressed with the new electric blue that is a cross between french blue and ocean. I guess we shall see when it comes out.
  8. Wow Thanks for the info gallicaroses. I didnt know abt the yellowing issue of the French Blue before.

    and thank you kittenslingerie, im calling them rite now!!
  9. the french blue is tdf, i am a strong advocate of the color. it was so worth the headache in finding it. now the quest is on for violet :sos:...