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  1. I just recieved a Fendi B Bag as a gift and I'm not sure that it's real!!!:shrugs: It's white patent leather and it had Fendi care card with it but no authenticity cards. I have seen real ones before and as far as I can tell there's nothing diffrerent about it, but something just seems off. It's a beautiful bag, but I don't know that it's authentic. Unfortunately I don't live near a Fendi store, so can any one who actually has one or knows about them tell me what I should look for to make sure it's authentic?

  2. Posting pics would help :yes:
  3. NUTS!!! I don't have any pics at this time, but like I said it looks just like every other one I've ever seen and the leather is GREAT!!! I guess the real question is... do Fendi B Bags have a serial plate or a serial tag? this one has a Fendi tag on the inside that says..." The label gaurantees the authenticity of this garment" and then has the code AE83674 with a holographic sticker above it with the Fendi logo.

    Does this help?
  4. Actually, since I know that Fendi did not produce a white patent B FENDI in SS 06, I can say for sure that it's a fake. There was one on the runway, and a good friend of mine on tfs searched high and low for one and even contacted FENDI HQ and was told that it was not mass produced. I helped her locate one that was used in the Fendi S/S 06 runway show (and used in photo shoots), but when she received it, it already had red color transfer to the white patent (patent leather, esp. light colors is very susceptible to color transfer). After a lot of tears and arguing, she was able to get her money back.

    There was a polished calfskin white B FENDI that was produced, but it's an entirely different finishing process than the patent leather, so you wouldn't confuse the two. I also know that I've seen fake white patent B FENDIs on ioffer and ebay, so I know that the fakes exist.

    Sorry for the novella. In conclusion, your bag is 100% fake.
  5. Thanks!!! It's still beautiful, but since I would feel like complete dork walking around with a fake Fendi, I guess it will just sit in my closet! I should have known... the person who bought it for me isn't even a very close friend, so why they would spend that kinda money... I don't know????

    oh well.
  6. Post pics if you can!
  7. I'm working on pics.

    Greendrv... hey thanks for your help...I actually called Fendi in New York and they said that the White patent leather B bag was sold in some stores, but they no longer have it. I was told that it was for sure sold in the Las Vegas store. So...who knows. I'm going to post pics when I get the chance but the only time I'm ever online is at work and cannot load my own pics to this computer. If I ever get around to it, I would love to get your opinion on whether or not it's real. Thanks.
  8. Please repost your question in the Autheticate This! sticky provided for authenticity questions at the top of the page.
    We really need photos to tell you for sure though!
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