"Is it real??"

  1. Ok how do you folks deal with the question of, "Is it real??" when friends/co-workers/others see you have a new bag?

    I never know what to say when I waltz into work sporting a Coach bag, and someone will comment on it.. "ooh I love that bag -- Is it a real Coach?" :confused1:

    Or even better -- we had a group birthday party one time, and I gave little Coach mini wristlets to the birthday girls and a pair of Coach shoes to another girl .. Someone asked me, "Oooh nice gifts.. are they real?" :confused1:
    I mean I get the stuff in the outlets - was I supposed to say, "oh they came from an outlet" ?? I just felt DUMB and one girl even commented, "did you get a raise or something?" Maybe they just don't know the prices and they have some sort of preconceived notion that I spent a lot -- but seriously -- would you EVER say that to anyone? I'm thinking -- when I watch people open birthday presents, I would never openly question the authenticity of the gift! Who the hell would give FAKE stuff as a gift anyway?? :cursing:

    I always politely say, "yes they are authentic, I don't carry fakes" but I always feel strange.. and sort of offended that they would think I would be carrying a fake bag.

    one time a co-worker was like "oh that's so not worth it -- I just get fakes -- same thing"... and I was like, "well if you want to carry a poorly made cheap bag that will fall apart and make you look trashy carrying it, then get the fake. If you want high quality, a warranty, and a beautiful product, get the real thing".

    OHHH it makes me mad!!! :cursing:

    Ok end of my rant. Comments are appreciated
  2. i have never gotten an "is it real" regarding my Coach...only my LV. I deal by replying, "of course it's real, I don't do fakes" and keep it moving. I know it sounds a bit harsh, but i hate that question!
  3. People come into the store all of the time asking if we sell real Coach and how do they know that we aren't selling fakes. I usually just laugh and say "well, you're in a Coach store and fakes are illegal!".

    I've personally never been asked though, my cousins are trying to convince me that their coach bags are real though. :roflmfao:
  4. Are people really that dumb? I would just give a stern yes and a blank stare. Fortunately, I haven't had anyone ask me that since I've carried leather, but I just bought a signature and I'll break it in next week. I DARE anyone to ask me that then. :rant:
  5. Ugh....i hate those questions. My friend thats NEW to coach has asked me a couple of times if my coach things were real. When she bought her first wristlet she shows it to me and then goes "I didn't see the one that you have at the store"...the way she said it was like she was trying to infer that it was FAKE. Then I explained to her that they dont carry a style in the store forever, when new stuff comes it they send the older ones to the outlet. I was soo annoyed and kind of offended.
    Also another time she saw my beaded mini skinny and goes "oh where did you get it?" and I say "eBay." and she goes "oh...did it come with the tag and papers and everything?" (BASICALLY SHE WAS ASKING IF IT WAS REAL!) and I go "yeah." THEN she says "did you put those beads on it?" :noggin: and I said "NO." Just yesterday she asked me the same freakin question AGAIN...."did you put the beads on there?" :hysteric:

  6. Who would be dumb enough to talk into a Coach store and ask if they were real?!!

    I only ever had a couple of people ask me that, about my Louis Vuitton. I just say "Do I LOOK like I would carry a fake?" Because that will really shut someone up quick; they know they've insulted you as soon as you say that. I live in a small enough town that I only frequent a few places, and when I go in those places those people all know who I am well enough to know I'd never carry a fake, so they never ask.

    I SO DARE ANYONE to ask me if my new Signature Multi-Stripe Demi is a fake. I'd hit someone upside the head with it! "Does that FEEL fake to you?!"

  7. I've been asked... I really don't care. I just say it's real and that's that. I suppose people are curious because so, so many fakes are out there. *shrugs* it makes no difference to me what they think. And on the topic of fakes... my boyfriend was waiting for an appointment and the girl sitting next to him said something about another girl waiting's "coach" handbag and my boyfriend simply said, "It's a fake. Don't ask, my girlfriend is obsessed - I've learned a lot". When I heard that... I was so proud. Atleast I won't be getting any fakes from him :o)
  8. thats pretty messed up....i mean seriously, how many times do you need to make it clear to her that you dont buy fakes. luckily i rarely get asked 'is that real' but when i do its a simple yes and a lil reason why i only buy real bags.
  9. How about "yeah...it's real. What about your boobs? Are they real?"

    I'm thinking they'll get the point. :devil:
  10. :wtf: That is sooo incredibly rude!! What difference should it even make to someone else if its fake or real?? I wouldnt dream of asking someone if their bag was real.
  11. well...i agree, its rude to ask. i'll never ask, i can usually tell, but i'll never ask.

    now when they compare my real to their fake and say "omg we have the same bag" i have said 'no we dont, mine is real...that's not' (its happened a few times at starbucks)....i want to get a shirt that says, yes its real.

  12. LOVE your idea. Will start using that line immediately :smile:
  14. ^Yes, but some people don't get it and see absolutely nothing wrong with carrying fake.

    Even though I think it's tacky to wear fake bags, I think it's even tackier and more rude to ask someone about the authenticity of their designer apparel. Who are any of us to judge? Wearing authentic bags doesn't make any of us any better than anyone else. It's different if someone asks for an opinion but to just offer it up on your own is really without class and even tackier than wearing something fake.
  15. I've never been asked if my Coach bags are real. Now my boobs....that's another story. :p