Is it real? That dreaded question...

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  1. OK, so with the recent threads about people purchasing simulants to replace their wedding/engagement rings for every day or for travel purposes, it got me thinking about this question: Is it real?

    Has anyone ever had someone ask this? I find it extremely rude and frankly none of their business. It's also awkward to reply, because there's a "WTF" moment and my husband and I usually laugh it off. I don't get upset until later. Although now that it's happened more than once, I'll be ready to hand them some manners next time. :cursing:

    In our area, it's typically jewelry sales associates at lower end retailers. I had someone at Macy's ask if my engagement ring was real. My husband, who wears a diamond right hand ring and an understated diamond wedding band had a girl at a mall jewelry store ask him if the diamonds in his wedding band were real. Another girl just said that she "loves crystal" when she saw his right hand ring. :hysteric:

    Is it just me?
    I think it's completely inappropriate. If you notice someone's jewelry, you compliment it, you don't ask if it's real. Even if it's not, you don't know if it's just a replica they had made of their real 9 carat diamond, anyway.

    (And personally, if it's not, I don't tell them either way. I have CZ studs that fool everyone-- even people who work with diamonds every day-- and I just say "thanks" if I receive a compliment.)
  2. I can never ask or understand anyone asking if something the other person is wearing is real. It can be diamonds, pearls, watches or handbags. I can never go to a person and say "is this real"....I would be so offended if someone asked me that.
  3. That's such an underhanded way to phrase I think you're wearing a fake.
  4. no, no one has ever said that to me, thankfully! LOL!
    And I'd never ask.
  5. I agree - it's a rude question. Not one that I would even ask a very close friend, much less a complete stranger!

    When I'm wearing something costume, I have sometimes said "thank you, it's costume, but I just had to have it!" But most times, I just say "thank you."

    I read somewhere about a woman who was constantly being asked if her breasts were real. Her response (they were implants): "Well, you can see them, can't you? Of COURSE they're real!" I think that would be a suitable comeback for jewelry too - especially when wearing simulants!
  6. Why do people ask this question? What does it mean to the person asking? It's like a child once asked me if my ring was real, and when I said yes, she said, oh you must be rich! LOL
  7. i would never....then again, people ask inappropriate questions all the time! one of the worst..."when are you due?" never, EVER ask a woman if she's pregnant, even if u are positive. she may not be, may have just delivered, or maybe just had a big lunch. as a person who works with pregnant women, its just a quick word of advice :smile:

    i think its very wrong to ask someone if anything they have is "real"...though i do have a few friends that are into "fakes" and will bring me things to look at to see if i can tell (i always can). those are friends who we can discuss these things with, though, and do not get offended since we always talk about it!
  8. Nobody has ever asked me if my rings are real. I can't imagine that anyone would. I do get complimented on them frequently, though.

    However, once, in a mall store, a cashier told me, "Oh, I love your hair! How are you able to get your weave to look so good? Mine never look that great!" I just looked at her and said, "I wouldn't know; I'm not wearing a weave. This is my real hair. Why aren't you able to grow any?"

    I would NOT have said that to ANYONE under normal circumstances, but it was a bit rude of her to make that assumption, so I felt my reply was okay. And even if my hair had been fake, there's absolutely NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. There are a million reasons why people might choose to wear wigs, weaves, etc., and as long as they're happy with it I see no reason to try and put them on blast about it.

  9. I absolutely hate this question. It is so rude and I would never ask anyone this because it makes people so awkward and uncomfortable and it makes you look snarky.
  10. All too often. I think I must look really approachable and nice because people always make comments to me and ask me questions when I'm out. I always simply reply with Yes. Sometimes, if I'm feeling chatty, I'll make up a long story about how my mom bought it as my graduation gift. :P Make them hate they ever asked me anything. If someone is looking at it and still has to ask then they obviously don't have a clue. :hrmm:
  11. Double shame on anyone who asks this about an engagement ring. Way to not-so-subtlely burst her bubble. :rolleyes:

    Can I extend this gripe to people asking how much your piece cost? I don't care if it's someone really close, but anyone else and it bugs me. My boyfriend's sister is really bad for this. I purchased my first diamond RHR last week and she baldly asked how much it cost. I've only known her a few months so it made me feel uncomfortable... especially when I replied with "Oh, enough!" she asked me again. "So, how much did it cost?" :wtf: Take a hint please! It's rude. Every cent was my own too, none of his, so she really had no excuse to sticky beak.

    Then later in front of everyone she was going on to my boyfriend about how he's reeeeally going to be sent broke for my engagement ring. Only the females picked up on the b*tchy tone. Sigh.
  12. I've never had anyone ask if something is real, but my parents gave me a rather large piece of diamond jewelry for our housewarming present & one person asked me how much it cost. I couldn't believe it. He then went on to speculate aloud about the cost. I just shrugged & said I've never had the bad manners to ask about the cost of a gift.

    People are strange.
  13. I would never tell a stranger, if they asked if some jewelry that I was wearing was "real." I would say "no, of course not!" so that they wouldn't follow me and try to steal it!
  14. it's liking asking if your boobs are real!
  15. Hate when people ask that.. So rude!
    Sometimes I just say no, because I know the next question. "How much was it?":cursing: