Is it proper to thank someone for a "Thank You" card?

  1. My husband wants to know this, so I told him I'd ask tPF, cause I told him y'all know it all. (Don't let me down here. people:smile:).

    For instance, he received a thank you letter that was so nice and complimentary - and must have taken a long time to write - that he felt like he should thank the person for the letter she wrote. He didn't know the 'etiquette' or proper thing to do in this case. It was the kind of letter that seemed to both of us that the proper thing to do was to say something back.

    I'll tell you later what he did, but the question is - Is it okay to thank someone for an especially nice thank you note/letter?
  2. I probably would call or visit the sender in person to thank them for such a lovely note. :smile:
  3. I got an e-mail once thanking me for my thank you note. She said the card itself was so nice and springy (the design was real pressed flowers). I don't think there is an etiquette for this, i.e. it's not wrong either way. So if your husband was touched by the note, by all means, let the sender know. I agree with sailornep that it probably would be best to say something in person.
  4. ^^^You don't have to thank you for a thank you...but if you are moved, a call or verbal mention would be nice.
  5. If it really touched him, the proper thing to do (imo) is when he sees her, simply state that the thank you note was beautifully written and made his day...something to that effect.
    No thanks notes for thanks notes....(I've felt that way several times though, so I understand where he's coming from!)
  6. I agree with everyone that a nice verbal acknowledgement is appropriate. :yes:
  7. Thanks for all your answers. This was such a moving thank you letter to him that I was almost in tears from reading it. They are both 'legal types', as is her daughter, and he had written a letter of recommendation on her daughter that was heart-felt and glowing. At the last minute, he sent a cc to the girl's mother. So she was thanking him *profusely* for what he had said about her daughter, and went on to say nice things she had noticed he had done - spanning YEARS.

    What he ended up doing was in writing an e-mail response to her about a legal-type question that they were discussing, he added a P.S. that said, "I wonder if it's proper to answer a Thank You note *with a Thank You note from me? I want the answer to that the next time we see you." He said more, but that was the jist of it. Whereas we usually run into her a lot at functions or parties, we haven't yet since this exchange.

    At some point you could send letters about thanking the other that would reach gigantic proportions, so therefore the question. Thank you for those who answered. :smile:
  8. I once got such a nice thank you card that I sent a note back to the person that read, "got your lovely note and you are so very welcome!"
  9. ^Aw that's nice!
  10. i think if your DH felt so touched by the letter/email, he should either call/write a letter or card/email and say something to the extent of

    Your note really touched me and i wanted to let you know that. I cherish our friendship and am glad to have both of you in my life. I was happy to write a rec for your daughter and I hope she gets into XXX

    thank you again for your note. you've been wonderful friends.

    OR take the opportunity to send a longer note telling them about the things he appreciates about them over the years. it's a little sappy but we don't do this enough as humans. =)
  11. heck, yeah. people like to be acknowledged. mention what a kind letter it was.
  12. I would mention receiving it, but normally another note isn't necessary.
  13. I usually just call and say "thanks for the card, it was so thoughtful of you!"