is it possible?

  1. just wondering whether it is possible for opposite sex to be very good friends (platonic?) without feeling love towards each other? **curious

    I always thought it is not possible as all the guys I met in the past were nice to me because they want to get closer. But recently, this belief seems to be swayed. I have a very good male friend who treats me so well and the 'theory' I hold appears to be invalid.

    what do you ladies think? is it ever possible to have such a relationship?
  2. Yes, I have one.

    I have a best friend that's male.
    We met in high school and I'm confident enough to say he had a crush on me back then. But I didn't feel the same so we were buddies.
    He's married now w/ 2 kiddos and they all come and visit my family once in a while.
    It's definitely possible.
  3. I don't me there's always that underlying 'what if' - that underlying tension even if it isn't necessarily sexual.

    Perhaps if one of the party is gay/lesbian, but even then I don't know.
  4. ICK! I can tell you w/o a doubt there's no 'tension' between me and my guy friend. It's exactly like hanging out w/ any one of my friends, except if he and his family are spending the weekend w/ a us I tend to sleep in a bra! LOL!
  5. Not in my case. I don't believe it's possible. Every man friend I have ever had I THOUGHT only wanted to be my friend but eventually ALWAYS tried to make a move on me. Even my married male friends (UGH). When you spend enough time with the opposite sex I guess feelings just evolve?

    Swanky: you may not feel any sexual tension but you can never be too sure what he feels. All the guy friends I had seemed very certain they were simply my friend until the opportunity presented itself (typically when my relationship ended. They never cared about theirs)
  6. It's possible for me...I have a few close guy friends that are just friends. I don't think about them in any other way, and I hope they don't think about me in any other way!
  7. Absolutely possible! :yes:

    I've had close male friends who were completely platonic friends (and felt no feelings of "attraction" whatsoever). I've known many people (male and female) who have perfectly platonic close friendships with members of the opposite gender and have no feelings of physical attraction at all.
  8. It is very possible. I have a few good male friends who I keep in touch with, and I don't feel any attraction towards them, and they don't have any attraction with me. They are just close friends that I hang out with and talk to about everyday things.
  9. I agree also - totally possible. I have a few guy friends. I know they feel NO feelings like that for me, and vice versa. They are all married w/ kids and seem totally content with their lives. No sexual advances, not "inuendos", etc.
  10. I think it's possible.
    It's actually so much more easier for me to be friends with a guy than it is a girl. I have a few good male friends, & we're fairly close but not like best friends close yet.
  11. Per my DH, it is possible for a woman to be friends with a man, without having any "feelings" towards him however, it is not possible for a man to be friends with a woman without wanting to sleep with her.
  12. ITA 100%, so does my DH. Like I said before I have never had a male friend who didn't hit on me!
  13. Oh LOL. My hubby also said even an ugly girl looks good if you spend enough time with her!
  14. that would be because he got to know her!
  15. Exactly my point! :yes: