is it possible?

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  1. hi everyone,

    Is it possible to delete a thread that you've started that people have commented on? i started two on the same subject and just want to delete one but can't quite see how to do this??

    Thanks in advance
  2. I think you need a mod to do it, and they should also be able to combine the two threads into one for you.
  3. Yep, PM a mod. Is Sunshine the GD mod? The global mods can do it too. Swanky comes to mind. She's always helping me, it seems.
  4. Click on the [​IMG] button in the first post of your duplicate thread, that'll alert the local mod.
  5. Wow, you got the top mod, er administrator!
  6. Lucky lucky!!! Vlad popped in :smile:

  7. Im the Gen Disc mod.....if u need anything in there,lmk!
  8. #9 Jul 14, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2009
    Thanks, Jill. I think of you as helping all over the Forum. I need to save the list link in the post above this one!

    p.s. Jira, thanks for the link. I PM'd it to my inbox and will save it, so I don't give out incorrect info in the future.
  9. That list is always available on the bottom of our main page, link is called "Forum Leaders" :biggrin:
    We generally don't "delete" anything, but if you accidentally post twice report it and we can merge it or close the duplicate :yes: