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  1. To get a Hermes bag for £1000 ($2000) or under? I have been perusing the Hermes styles reference library, and while i love the Birkins and Kellys i am much more interested in some of the other styles. I love the Picotin and the Bombay the Evelyne and the Garden Party. I don't really want to buy from ebay as i want to experience a true Hermes purchase. I don't know if i'm clutching at straws here but thought i would ask. I really thought i would be happy with a small purchase but the more i look at the bags the more i want one. I would also like to say i have spent most of my day here on the Hermes thread. I love it here, theres so much activity. However its also very bad for me. I just can't get Hermes out of my head :love:
  2. Welcome

    yes it is, if you are patient, and keep looking
    but please , make sure you post it in the authenticate this thread before buying anything of E bay

    BTW there is a lovely blue kelly on there at moment, quite low price at mo, do you want the link??

    or is it the picotin you are interested in
  3. I don't really want to buy off Ebay. I am more interested in the non Birkin and Kelly styles. But thanks for your reply :smile:
  4. I know that Bond Street had a few picotins and other styles when I was there last Saturday
  5. Thanks Mooks for your input. I am interested in the Picotin, but i definately won't be able to afford one for at least 4 or 5 months. So its a case of whether i can hold out till then or i get the bangle or twilly and scarf ring. Oooh what to do what to do........ It also depends on price. I've checked out the current price of Hermes thread but not thouroughly. I shall investigate further.
  6. ^^ You should get the bangle and twilly now, a little piece of H. heaven to use while you wait. Then get the picotin later. Good luck!
  7. ^^^ Sounds like a good idea :graucho: Thanks.
  8. Do you think you may want a Birkin or Kelly, just wondering because if you do then you may be better to save any money you were thinking of putting towards another H bag into a fund for one of them
  9. I don't think i'm ready for a Birkin or a Kelly yet. I do like bags that are just under the radar and i think a Birkin or Kelly is a little high profile for me. I come from a small seaside town and don't really want to draw too much attention to my bags. I have a Chanel that i rarely use because i feel its too noticable. Whereas some of the lesser known H bags would be good for me. I say lesser known as i was really only aware of the Kelly and Birkins before i discovered this forum.
  10. Ahhh ok! That makes perfect sense :tup:
  11. I'm glad about that cos nothing makes sense to me anymore. All i can think about is Hermes. I'm going crazy!!!!!!
  12. All of my H bags have been under $2000 USD. (Picotin PM, Evelyne PM & Jige PM) All were before the last price increase so I'm not sure how much they went up. :flowers:
  13. ardneish, was that a blue jean Kelly
    with PH? I saw that yesterday and thought
    that was one gorgeous bag. :smile:
  14. And believe me it gets worse once you actually have one.....all you can think about is when you'll get your next one!!