Is it possible....

  1. ...that I'm falling out of love with MJ?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Don't stone me to death, but lately, I haven't been inspired at all by any MJ - bags, clothes, and shoes! If anything, I find myself loving the things that are older more than any of the newer items. I can't seem to shake out of my MJ funk. Help me...I'm so saddened by this. :crybaby:
  2. it's normal. you just haven't been enthused by his designs for the past season or two. all of my favorite designers have had their off years, but they always manage to bounce back.

    even with the new designs, the classic calf collection is still around. granted it's with the gold hardware rather than the nickel, but the colors are gorgeous especially bordeaux and the petrol. both colors complement the gold hardware so well. i love his new sophisticated fall collection. the coats and hats look gorgeous. i love the art deco stone details on the bags too. i wouldn't think twice about getting one (beale bag!) if it didn't cost almost $3000.

    i don't know if you were ever into mbmj, but imo that line just keeps getting better and better.

    so your love and admiration has cooled for the time being, but i'm sure you'll see something fabulous later on that'll make you remember how awesome mj was for you like it was back in the day.

  3. I completely agree with this statement! SuLi, don't worry, I think everyone goes through this sort of thing from time to time. You'll be back soon I'm sure. We'll still be here for you. :yes::p
  4. I wasn't impressed with his last Resort or Spring collection, but his Fall collection appears to be on the upswing. I'm still not in love with any new style, but the designs seem more appealing this season. In particular, I like the mixed quilted collection bags and the seventies collection. There is also a really adorable bowler/duffle e/w bag that I saw at the boutique and not online. I think it's a spin off of the Christy bag in terms of leather and style. The colors this season are really good too. I wasn't a fan of topaz, navy, etc but I do like petrol and bordeaux!

    Here's hoping that Resort or Spring 08 will be amazing!
  5. SuLi I can identify.....Over the past few years I've expanded my bag collection to other desigers, at one time Marc Jacobs was the only bag I wanted or would buy, but I think I OD'd on the bags. I've slowly sold a big part of my collection and am in the processing of weeding out more. For me the Stella/Venetia/Stam, etc. were edgy and chic, and a step out of the 'normal' handbag designs, however, none of the new styles have really captured my attention the way those styles did-- I feel today there are so many good choices from lots of designers that I find my interests vary.
  6. very well put!!:tup:

    I am liking MbyMJ more and more too!

    too bad i'm on a ban:push:
  7. :tup:
  8. Thanks for the sympathetic notes...I feel better. I went to NM's today to take a look, and hopefully become inspired, but no luck.

    We'll see...I keep crossing my fingers that I'll get that "lovin' feeling" back again ;).
  9. No worries SuLi, we won't stone you to death... we'll just MJ bag you back to the MJ love :graucho:

    Jokes aside, I think it's normal! We go through our phases and our tastes change.