Is it possible to walk out of H store without the orange paperbag?

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  1. I know it might be possible to walk out of a H store without buying anything. But I always walk out of the store with a lust for something. Be it an accessory or a bag. And can't get it out of my mind. My will to save up for another bag is strong, but yet my mind is weak whenever I walk into H store. End up spending on small pretty H things on my next trip back. (Ok, good service SA does contribute to my demise hahahhah )

    Does that always happen to you? How you deal with your "devil"? I need to be focus!
  2. Of course you can! :biggrin:

    Make a wishlist of what you want.. and then stick by it. And think in terms of "If I buy this shawl, it's 1/13 of a Birkin!" etc
  3. I did, but than the other part of me will tell me "you love this item, and if you don't buy it, you might not be able to find it anymore. And who knows when will the birkin comes :graucho:
  4. I'm strange. I don't get attracted by things I see inside the store. I am attracted by things I see on this forum and then I make THE phonecall :biggrin:
  5. ^^^
    I am exactly the same TammyD, this forum is a huge enabler,lol! Most of the times I see it here, and then I call my store.

    and this, of course, means that I have never left H without an orange bag;) but I am sure it can be done,lol!

  6. I have left empty-handed before, cos I am now more focused on exactly what I want and what suits me. I also decline paper bags and put my small purchases in my Birkin or Kelly. Does that count? Last week I walked home carrying my scarf box. Rather not waste the paper bags.
  7. Yep, Robee, it is possible to leave H stores without the orange PAPERBAG. I'm with Periogirl28 here not to waste the orange bags. But to leave the store without an H item - that doesn't happen too often. lol!
  8. I like to go into store and look and try the items mostly ones i have seen here with the lovely ladies either modeling or describing how much they love such item, then hopefull plan in which order i would like to get everything i love
  9. periogirl28 and sutiesixtenn : without paper bag yet with h boxes! :biggrin::biggrin:

    tammyD and kat : TPF is the ultimate "poison" for me. :yahoo:

    ladyjane : looks like I need a better plan :graucho:
  10. I blame it on the colour ORANGE. In food colour, orange stimulate appetite. It makes people want things! :graucho:

    I used to go to a H store 3 times a week when I first started ... Sometimes, visiting all 3 downtown stores in one afternoon. I don't do that anymore. But my H store visits are still very regular; on average once a week. I usually leave the store without an orange bag or orange box. :biggrin: LOL! I cheat!

    I bring my shopping home inside my Birkin. Jewellery are in their velvet / leather pouches, shawls/mousselines in ziplog bags ... Can't deal with all the orange boxes cluttering up my wardrobe and the orange paper bags don't last long (the sides never fail to come apart for the big ones)
  11. That's a great advice!
  12. Of course, it is possible! Have somebody else (DH, perhaps?) carry them out for you! hehe!

    But in all honesty, I have yet to successfully control my impulsive purchasing behavior when I am at an Hermes boutique. Not that I am complaining.....:graucho:
  13. mrssparkles - with 54 weeks in a year, you will have a pile of H items even if you omit the paperbags and boxes! :yahoo:

    anything orange you can see from 1km :graucho: and TPFers eagle eyes, we can stretch to 10KM

    kashmira - do feedback if it works for you the next round

    all about bags - the moment of glory, scoring those precious H items :yahoo:

    I start to think I am actually pretty normal :nuts:
  14. LOL it definitely is normal behavior. In the past I would always leave with an H item (and always in an orange box and paper bag - I just love those suckers even though I'm running of space for them)

    But nowadays I find myself just enjoying the process of acquiring items... I take my time to play with things and look around the forum for ideas on how to wear them instead of just buying everything I see in the store. It helps that my SA never pushes products to me - she knows when I like something and want it, I will tell her.

    Over time, I think it is no longer a race (in the past I had the same attitude: "Better get this now, or it'll be gone!") but rather a nice stroll through the store. It also gives me time to better appreciate whatever items I already have :P
  15. Pyrexia : TPFers definitely very encouraging and reassuring. Phew *sweat* :sweatdrop:

    I start to think I might contracted the rare "orange disease" with no cure to it. As I am still very new to H, started Jan 09. I have to learn to deal with my *devil* :bagslap:

    Nowadays my eagle eyes and radar reacts to every single H or orange stuff within 1km radius. It's very farnie when the three of us stroll down orchard rd and suddenly all got excited and just a look at each other, we knew exactly what is it about. The telepathy is definitely strong. But how come we can't predict lottery's number :graucho: