Is it possible to turn a love ring into a cord bracelet?

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  1. I’ve seen the small Trinity and then the gold love with ceramic as cord bracelets on the Cartier site.
    Has anyone used a normal Love band (classic or thin) to use in a cord bracelet?

    I love the look right now of the cord bracelet but would like the option to wear it as a ring if I ever get tired of the cord. I would most likely get a size 53 or 54 thin band with 1 diamond.

    If anyone has photos, I’d love to see!
  2. No pics but a cool idea
  3. I’m definitely curious about it! Maybe wearing a bright color cord during the summer and then using it as a ring in the fall/winter :smile:
  4. You could wear it round your neck on a silk cord too
  5. That would be cool! But I’m not a necklace person at all besides a tiny diamond on a thin 16” chain my bf got my for Xmas 2 years ago.
    Not sure why, I just hate the feeling of things on my neck and chest.

    I’m thinking that the ring is too big to sit nicely like the Trinity cord bracelet. The Trinity piece is so tiny
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  6. I'm the same. I like rings first, then I have far fewer of any other type of jewellery. Always good to have a versatile piece.
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  7. I agree, and I like rings best too. Then bracelets :smile:
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  8. I saw this post, and although I've never used my rings in a cord bracelet, I put them on cords for a photo. I hope this helps. The love ring is a size 55, and I've also added my trinity ring in the photo, size 54, if anyone was interested in that, for comparison.
    bracelet1.jpg bracelet2.jpg bracelet 3.jpg
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  9. Thank you so much for the photo!
    That helps a lot!

    Do you like the little Trinity bracelet? I see that’s the only one that comes with a cord on the website?
  10. You're welcome.
    Yes, I like the trinity bracelet. I think it's a cute bracelet and I love that I can change the colour of the cord.
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  11. Diamond tennis
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