Is it possible to still get this combo??

  1. Hi! I am new to the Hermes forum.. and i have to say that you ladies are WONDERFUL!!! I have learned so much from all of you!! and i enjoy looking at all of your gorgeous collections!! I am interested in gettin a Hermes Birkin for my first purchase.. i love blue sapphire and i was wondering if that color is still available with gold hardware?? Also about how much would it be for a 35cm? or a 40cm? Which size do you guys like better?? Thanks so much and sorry for all the questions!!
  2. I don't know about the availability for color, but I would recommend 35 for your first Birkin. It's big enough to fit everything you need in your daily routines, but when closed still looks elegant. I see 40 more as a travel bag or a huge, huge carry all.. I would love a 40 in the plane, but use 35 much more often.
  3. Welcome! I believe that a blue sapphire bag would have to be a special order...and if you were to SO one, you could choose the hardware. In the regular skins, a 35 Birkin is about $7400 USD. The 35 is the most useful size. 40 is pretty big and unless you are tall or like big bags, it can be heavy and borderline luggagey.
  4. Not all colors are available in all leathers and skins, so what are you thinking for the leather?
  5. I agree with pepper. You are going to have to special order it. I hope you have a good relationship with a hermes sales associate so that you can do that
  6. i was thinking about clemence for the leather.. if this color combo is too hard to get then i was considering getting either a gold birkin with gold hardware or a classic black with gold hardware.. but browsing though everyones lovely bags i fell in love with violet and rouge.. oh decisions decisions
  7. Yes, sapphire does come in clemence but it is rare and would be an SO. You will have a MUCH easier time going for a gold or black Birkin.
  8. The waiting time for SO can be pretty long. But again, if you are lucky, you'll get it pretty quick too.