is it possible to still get a cambon

  1. on sale (someone mentioned a 40% + 30% discount)?? tia :smile:
  2. They don't have any left in the Phoenix Saks store..I just picked up mine today from presale.
  3. The NM at short hills mall in NJ had a pink reporter cambon priced at 2222 w/an extra 25% off that price. Plus they had another pink cambon bag...not sure of the name, but they didn't have any totes left.
  4. NM in Plano, TX had 2-3 small totes left on Fri.
    If you call, ask for Shannon.
  5. Are the black/white cambon ever going on sale??? I would like to know if these are going to be discountinued or was it just the pink and beige.:biggrin:
  6. I really wanted something beige and it seems that's all sold out.
  7. My NM only had pink and beige on sale.
  8. Just pink and beige.
  9. NM in king of prussia PA only had the pink on sale.
  10. When I talked to the SA at Chanel they told me that the black and white is NOT being discontinued. Therefore it will not being going on sale.
  11. I checked today...they're all out.
  12. I know that there are some Medium Pink Small & Medium shoppers, Pink Pochettes, Cambon Pink Make-up Holders & i think a beige Bowler at NM....

    As far as the B/W going on sale...i don't think they were supposed too, but I had bought two small totes on Black w/white & the other white with black!:biggrin: I was SO EXCITED!!!!:love:
  13. NM in White Plains, NY has (ALL PINK W/BLACK CC CAMBONS --->) medium and small totes, a large Reporter, a shoulder bag with a pocket in front and a long handle (I tried it on and it hit me a little below my hip), and a pochette.
  14. I also got a white w/ black CC belt bag on sale, almost half price.... Thompk, could you tell me which NM did you get your B/W from? I am looking for a medium tote :biggrin:
  15. I think the black/white small totes were suppose to be on sale. I had three different PF members PM me to let me know that their Saks/NM had the black/white small tote on sale and they all different places.
    I love PF members :love: