Is it possible to special order Mono Mizi?

  1. Hi, I was reading a few older threads regarding special ordering the Mono Mizi. Is it possible?? I tried calling the 866 number earlier and inquired about it. She says that discontinued bags cannot be ordered. I thought I read some threads saying that they can be? :confused1: But only a year after the bag has been discontinued. I so want this bag...:sad:
  2. Discontinued bags can NOT be SO'ed.
  3. I have read that karen kooper can
  4. I attended a Special Order event at my LV boutique where we were able to request custom order bags. One of the things that I did ask was about the Vienna Mizi. I was told that any bags/fabric color (epi) that is discontinued or a limited item will not be made.
  5. Thank you everyone. I tried emailing Karen Kooper this morning asking if they even have one but I haven't heard back yet. I guess I just have to wait and look some more...