is it possible to SO - speedy 30 in vernis pomme?

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  1. I tried to have a Bucket made in Pomme Vernis, but got the message back, that they wouldn't make it for me....the reason they stated was that they considered it less durable.....I don't know; think both speedy and bucket could be soooo adorable in vernis :love:
  2. This saddens me :sad:

    I'm picturing a Violette Vernis Speedy 30 & :drool:
  3. I would LOVE to have a Speedy in Vernis Amarante. :drool:
  4. For the original OP, I think there are supposed to be 3 new vernis bags being released this fall. Maybe one of them will strike your fancy!
  5. i would love a vernis violette amarante speedy but I also do recall someone's post about it not SO when it's vernis~

    The only style vernis I saw in the Fall book is a clutch called Rodeo Drive. I don't recall any bigger size bags for vernis...but I did see a thread somewhere of new vernis colors coming out..
  6. The Rodeo Drive in vernis will be released in the Fall and will be bigger than the Sunset Boulevard.
  7. that is GORGEOUS!!!

  8. :true:

  9. ANYONE knows where i can find the rodeo drive picture? i tried the search but didnt help :confused1:
  10. there was no picture in look book so i think you might have to wait till the bag comes out
  11. oh, okay... thanks
  12. Sorry, this bag was made of vacchetta and not of vernis! You can figure how it was delicate!!!

  13. They used to have the bucket in Vernis, only in a few colors, Rouge included before Pomme. They were not special order, but LE. Rouge usually pops up on eBay. Can't see how it can be less durable considering the Pegase 50 and Bellevue bags. Vernis is very durable.
  14. sorry, no SO on Vernis
  15. that would be worth it! i'd wantt eh nadles to be vernis too!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.