is it possible to SO - speedy 30 in vernis pomme?

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  1. i am in love with the pomme sunset blvd one but i think eva clutch is more practical for me...:shrugs: but i still want something in pomme!! besides the alma mm, i dont like any bags in the vernis line... so i was wondering if it is possible to SO a speedy 30 in vernis pomme? i think someone already posted a thread about it??? but i cant remember anything about it??

    thanks in advance!!
  2. I've been wondering about this, too...hope someone can answer this!
  3. Vernis Speedy 30 in pomme would be a great idea. I wonder how much would it cost to SO?
  4. Ohh that would be my dream bag!!! Im going to call and ask!!
  5. Somebody correct me... What I read on this forum was you cant SO vernis speedy... let me go and find some thread
  6. fyi There was a vernis speedy like 10 years ago or something.. It was released only in japan.
  7. that looks really pretty...
  8. 30% markup on special orders.
  9. An amarante Vernis Speedy would be the perfect bag!! :heart:
    I have to know how much it will cost....
  10. I phoned LV, she said they could send in a request to paris for a quote, you have to go into a store to do this, I explained I was interstate and we don't have LV here, she advised I should call back Monday.
  11. wow nice.. let me know if they can SO...
  12. I remember reading older threads where Tpfers have said you can't SO anything in vernis. I wonder if this has changed. I would snap up a pomme and amarante speedy for sure!
  13. I would love a vernis speedy! I heard that you can SO in Japan, but in a very limited time!that's such a yummy speedy in pearl:nuts:! Paije, please let us know their response.
  14. Sorry but Vernis and Multicolor can't be SO'ed in anything. Only Multicolor in hard cases. Also the keepall is now considered a SO in Multicolor.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.