Is it possible to shrink a pair of jeans -- waist-wise?

  1. Hi! I just scored a deal on a pair of J-Brand light gray skinny for $25.00 cad!! However it runs one size too big. It is size 27 and I am typically a true size 26 and can kinda squeeze into a 25 if needed. Anyway, I am thinking about putting it in wash in hot water cycle followed by a bake in the dryer. I know it'll probably shrink length-wise.. Do you think it'll shrink waist-wise? Anyone has any experience on this type of things? thanks in advance!:smile:
  2. I shrank my jeans 1 size on 2 pairs of my designer jeans. I put the waist of the jeans into a tub of hot (almost boiling) water. I left it there till the water cooled down then let all the water drip so I could throw it in the dryer and set the dryer on the hottest setting. Good luck!
  3. ohhh that's a good idea. thanks!
  4. I was just about to post a thread on this too! Haha. Except I want to shrink the waist only.
  5. ^then just stick the waist in the boiling water :smile:
  6. why not just have the waist taken in by a tailor?
  7. oooh, i've been meaning to ask this too, i bought jeans in the wrong size and i can't return them. heh.
  8. I bought some 'boyfriend trousers' from Gap and they fit perfectly (except the bottom was a bit long) so I washed them (cold water) and the length decreased slightly which was great however the waist got wider :tdown:

    Wonder what I can do?
  9. boil them!

    also, pants always shrink during the first wash.
  10. thanks everyone.. I forgot to add that I don't want to shrink the length; therefore boiling the whole pair of pants is out of the question. I am going to try mee4's suggestion... will keep all of you posted!
  11. this really is the best option, hot water is very damaging to the stretch in jeans.
  12. This is considered a simple alteration too so it should be too expensive.
  13. exactly! my tailor charges about $5.
  14. oh i have experience in trying to shrink my jbrands

    i wash them in hot water put them into the dryer.
    felt a bit tighter initially didn't make a difference after.

    if ur normal size is 26...and might even fit 25

    then a jbrand in size 24/25 is more suitable so i think 27 might be too larget they stretch a lot u should put it up on eBay...
  15. Almost any natural fiber can be felted, which usually shrinks it. Basically this process involves wetting the fiber and then exposing it to heat and agitation. You can also have the sides re-seamed instead.

    Good luck.