Is it possible to shoulder a birkin?

  1. I know it's meant to be a tote, but when your arms are tired, is it possible to carry the birkin on your shoulder, and how comfortable is that?

    Is it easier to shoulder a 35 rather than a 30? This may be what helps me decide between the 30 and the 35 as my first birkin!

  2. Can't really shoulder either one unless you have very, very skinny arms and shoulders. My 45cm I can shoulder but the weight is a bit much, mind you, I'm a very strong girl.
  3. Very skinny counts me out!
  4. I don't see how its possible!! Even with skinny arms, still the bag will be squeezed!!
  5. Don't think it's possible, unless you get your 5 year old to carry the bag for you. Even the JPG doesn't have very long straps.
  6. Yes. But. You need a combination of relatively slim arms, good weather (no thick jacket or coat) and a Birkin in a squashy leather.

    Otherwise it gets tricky.
  7. I have skinny arms but can't get my 30 cm onto my shoulders.
  8. ^I can just about manage a 30, and I think I'm bigger than you are, Rose.

    Perhaps I'm just used to contorting myself to squeeze into the last item on the sale rack that I absolutely have to have and which is about half a size too small, and there isn't another? LOL.
  9. I put a 35 on my shoulder but it HURTS! Heavy, the HW digs into your side, wide and bulky. It's not a great look. I did it when I was in the ladies room and was washing my hands and didn't want to set my bag down on the counter.
  10. OK, I just gave it another go... yes I can SQEEEEEEEZE it on and it does stay up, but it really does nor feel right.
  11. ^the 35 is much more comfortable than the 30 because of the longer handles.

    And it also helps to push the bag slightly behind the arm, so that it's not perfectly horizontal. That way the hardware doesn't dig into the underside of the arm.
  12. That deserves a whole new thread...what we do with our Birkins in the ladies room ....

  13. Yes, I did try a 35 cm on and could wear it over my shoulders and you are right the larger shape made it easier to hold under the arms.
  14. ^Erm, I've also done something rather undignified in the washroom in order to avoid setting any (not just H) bag down on the filthy floor.

    Clamped it between my knees. Then had to do like I was in a potato sack race and hop over to the towel dispenser.....
  15. I carried my GF's 35 and I am able to carry it on my shoulders. I am barely 5ft (more like 4ft 10) and 43kg like 94.8 lbs (according to

    And this is without jacket or coat, just a blouse and jeans. HTH