Is it possible to request for care booklet from Chanel boutique?


Aug 21, 2013
Hi all lovelies.. please pardon my silly question.

I recently bought a mini flap from Paris and only unboxed it after I returned from the trip. I realized there was no care booklet (the one with cleaning cloth) in it which I believed is supposed to be included?

Just wondering is it possible to go down to my local boutique and request for one? I know I can just make a call to enquire but I would love to know how this kind of situation is handled in other countries as well. (Just in case they refuse to provide one.)

Thanks so much in advance for all your input. :smile:
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May 6, 2019
I also hope that they won't be so calculative on this small little thing considering how much I have paid for the bag.
thank you darling! Wish me luck. :smile:
Hi! I came across your post because I have the exact same situation. I bought my classic m/l in Europe and just realized that they didn’t give me the small care booklet with the cloth. Just want to ask an update if you were able to get one from your local boutique? :smile: I want to try asking too!

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May 29, 2017
I find that as long as you’re polite and nice about it, most SAs want to be helpful and should have no issues with giving you the cleaning cloth. I’ve even had SAs provide me with extras before at the time of purchase, so I believe it’s something they have ample stock of.