Is it possible to replace the bow on the Eye miss you bag?

  1. I received the bag yesterday, and showed some pictures in the authenticate this section~ the bow on the bag is abit old...

    I wonder if I can replace it?

    And how much would it be if I can:confused1:

  2. I saw your pics and IMO the bow looks perfect :yes:
    And yes it's posible they will have to replace the entire bow including the brass part but unscrewing the entire part.
  3. If you can part with your bag long enough and the boutique will give you an estimate within 24 hours...:shrugs:

    Otherwise I think she looks fine.... IMO:love:
  4. oh~ ic, because if you look carefully, the bottom part of the left side of the bow is abit scratched.
  5. Are you talking about a dent made by the lock? They ALL do that if you use the bag.:idea:
  6. oh yeah Irene, that's a problem as well, when i close the bag, i have to push hard, so the middle of the flap is dented ...
  7. That is a common thing with Eye Miss You bags as well. Eye Need You never did that for some reason.
  8. i feel like im damaging the bag when i use it >.<
  9. Hi, I've eye need you and want to replace the bow but LV said they can't. The only one thing they can do is replace the strap.