is it possible to pre-order bags?

  1. I will be in DC right before my birthday next month, and I can't think of any better reason to buy myself an early birthday present...

    do Saks stores ever pre-order merchandise to make sure they have it in stock when a customer can come in for it?

    or is this just bizarre?
  2. If it's something that isn't out yet, you can pre-order. But if you're just wanting to see stuff that is already out, I'm sure you can hold items?
  3. I'm sure they can. Why don't you call the place you plan on visiting and see.
  4. I always pre-order my bags. Especially with the bags in high demand. If you want until they come out, you may not get it!
  5. Pre-ordering is definitely the way to go... :yes:

    Demand is sooooooo high that it's the best way to make sure that when a shipment comes in, you've already snagged one! :nuts:
  6. Yes, I think you can preorder. I know you can with the clothes, so you should be able to with the bags also.