Is it possible to phone order a Hermes bag?

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  1. I know it is doable to phone order small stuffs like scarves or shoes. Did anyone have the experience to place a phone order for bags? TIA
  2. No
    Unless you have a super strong relationship with the store
    They do not entertain strangers and public when it comes to bag territory
  3. You can order those things on the Hermes website.
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    Yes, as toats says, a good number of bags are now available online at Hermes. You won’t be able to order a Birkin or a Kelly as they are not available online. Sometimes you can walk into a store and score a Kelly or Birkin, most of the time, you can’t. However, nobody has time anymore to court Hermes salespeople and build “relationships” in order to hand over money for a leather purse. It’s ridiculous. Why should you have to buy 10 scarves and 5 wallets in order to score a Birkin? If Hermes doesn’t want your money, there are plenty of honest resellers out there who will be happy to sell you a brand new or EUC Kelly or Birkin.

    Look at Anya Hindmarch bespoke or Moyat. In the case of Hindmarch, you place your order for a bespoke bag and in a few weeks, it’s yours. Period. I haven’t ordered from Moyat .

    I don’t know why Hermes has created this false sense of mystery and demand for their bags over the years. I bought my first Hermes bag, a 28cm Kelly, in Paris in the 1980’s. I walked into the 24 Rue Faubourg St. Honoré store, picked out a black Kelly, paid for it, and walked out with the bag. I bought my first Birkin the same way. I suppose the aura surrounding the bags has been heightened by the illusion of limited availability. People always want what they can’t get easily. Forgive my rant, but the whole thing is silly to me.
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