Is it possible to love MBMJ and not to love MJ?

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  1. The bag designer is only one ... Marc Jacobs ... so is it possible to love MBMJ bags, but not MJ bags?

    What do you think?
  2. It doesn't mean that I don't like Marc Jacobs bags at all ... I really like his old bags ... but nowadays I prefer MbMJ bags ... .
  3. I think so... different designers come up with bag concepts, different shapes are used, different price points are attached to the bags.

    MBMJ bags seem to suit a different lifestyle than most of the iconic MJ collection bags. While I love the look of the collection, most of the bags don't suit my needs and would seem too formal with my typical outfits.
  4. sure. just like it's possible to love mj, but not mbmj or to like mj accessories, but not his clothes. since i'm a mj fanatic, i love everything and anything mj, but each line has its own distinctive aesthetic. mbmj is fun, casual, and quirky. mj is sophisticated and luxe. i should also add expensive. what's most important is that they're both high quality. besides, many of the bags aren't designed by marc jacobs himself anyway, so i wouldn't be confused by liking one line, but not the other. i've also noticed that mbmj is becoming more grown-up design-wise. i didn't used to like mbmj that much, but now i'm a huge fan!
  5. That's exactly what I mean, 'pghandbag' ... MJ bags are too formal for my needs!

    But I can't deny that I love older MJ bags, like Stella or Sophia! Stella and Sophia are great! I feel sad that I didn't have the opportunity to buy both of them ... I'm always afraid of fake ones being sold in eBay!
  6. 2'nd :graucho:
  7. Yes, 'tadpolenyc'! I'm a huge fan of MbMJ, too!
  8. I used to feel this way exactly! I loved MBMJ bags and was not interested in MJ bags at all. It was not until recently, where I am now about to graduate from college and pursue my law degree and a career, when I fell in love with MJ bags. Quite simply, they work! If you find yourself needing a classy, upscale, professional, elegant, sophisticated bag, you can find it in MJ's collection. They work in ways that MBMJ cannot, atleast for me. For example, I would not be able to take my turnlock bowler into a law office, KWIM?
  9. Thanks God I'm not a lawyer! hehehe.
  10. yes love the softttt leather
  11. i have! we were given redeemable tickets allowing us wear jeans to work for one friday if we donated to the american heart association. i wore my sunset turnlock bowler to the office and all the female associates (well, all five of them out of the million men who work in my firm) were fawning over the "pretty color and so soft! leather." then they gasped when they heard the price and they all vowed to go buy their own bowlers once they got out of work. :lol:
  12. I know what you mean, 'mjfan'!!! I agree with you!
  13. I'm an economist ... and, in the office where I work, people use to wear informal clothes! How lucky I am!
  14. Absolutely. I tend to think the main MJ branding is a little more formal/serious than I like. Being in the MbyMJ store *feels* really really good. I usually have fun there and the designs are mega cute.
  15. i guess love one and not the other...but im blinded by obsession and pretty much love almost everything MJ...and let's face it...MJ doesn't really design all these bags and clothes and whatnot....he's just got some wicked cool focused design teams working for him...wonder if they get free mj...? that's be a rad job...