Is it possible to like Chanel without liking classics

  1. In fact i just wonder if i am a real chanel lover.
    I have two bags the ultimate soft and the cambon reporter.
    I plan to buy the vintage tote and diagonal CC and i realize i don't like the Chanel classic 2.55, or jumbo. They look too "petite madame" for me

    Do you feel like me?
  2. I feel the same way!!! I love the cambon totes,GST, and coco cabas but not many others!

    I am overall just not a flap bag lover. Oh well. Plus I really started my love affair with chanel through earrings and sunglasses
  3. hmmm... that's very likely, i tend to like the new "rocker" bags like the cabas, modern chain and rock and chain than the classics...

    the cabas is what dragged me here LOL
  4. Absolutely! I don't really care for the flaps either. I love the Cambon line and I just got a tote from the Paris Biarritz but whenever I look at the classics I just feel, well, like I'm shopping for my mom. The SA tried to convince me they were young, too, but I am not convinced.
  5. I never liked the flaps either , but if you do a search for jumbo blush patent you might change your mind.
  6. I started the exact same way but then the reissue lured me in! Now I am gaining a new appreciation of the classics. I agree with the classics you do need the right styling...o/w they can look too mumsy to me too!
  7. I don't care for the traditional "classics". I don't think I could deal with a flap bag for everyday use. But that is why Chanel is so versatile - there are many new styles that are fun and funky. Look at the Modern Chain and the Outdoor Ligne. And the Diagonal CC Ligne too! All very different and UNchanel.
  8. i love love love the cabas, gst, medallion, and cerf. But i really can't get the flaps to grow on me. I'm trying.
  9. yep, not a flap bag kinda girl either :p (or shoulder bags)

    I do like them, think they are pretty, but just not functional for me ... I have the Chanel Kelly tho and it has a flap but it is more of a "going out" bag ... for everyday I need an open tote that I can just reach in and out of - waiting for the Cerf to arrive!!!
  10. The variety is one of the many things that makes Chanel's so great.
    There are so many styles to pic from that if you don't like one, you could very be deeply in love with another.
    I love the Classic's plus many others.
  11. I first started liking Chanel from the Cambon line....I never liked the flaps at all.

    This will all change!!!!:yes: You'll see what I mean...if you stick around this forum, you'll start liking all sorts of things!!!!:p
  12. Give it time, because eventually you will be standing at the Chanel counter with payment in had buying that flap:nuts: When I started buying Chanel I never thought I would buy a classic flap, now 1 year later I have my first flap- jumbo caviar in black. It came in the mail today and I am so in love:love:
  13. I guess judging from my few pieces I am that was as well.
    I do LOVE the Reissue however!:love:
  14. yeah.. give it time and lots of boutique visits.. you'll find the allure of the classic flap and the reissue. it's captivating. i love love love the reissue. the colors, the stitching and hardware. it's elegance!
  15. I thought that for a while too, when I realized that I had NO classic bags in my collection -- "what's wrong with me? :confused1: " But I have to admit that the styling of the flap bags is really growing on me and in the meantime I love that there are so many varied styles of Chanel, there really is something for everyone. Whether you change your mind down the line about some of the more traditional bags or not, you are still a Chanel fan IMO! :smile: