Is it possible to insure full value but lower declared value of bag?

  1. Do you know if I can still insure a bag for full value, if I lower the declared value of the bag? Sorry to be so clueless but this will be my firsat time doing this.

  2. I don't understand?
    Do you mean if shipping Internationally?
  3. If you insure for the actual amount then declare the bag lower, it won't make difference. The custom still ask your receiver to pay the higher amount stated on the package
  4. I don't think you can insure for more then you are declaring the value to be... that might be a post office rule. You could always call and ask them :smile: I know both values get written on the customs form so they'd likely pay duty taxes on the higher value like lvgodiva said.
  5. Thanks everyone!

    Yes it's for shipping Internationally.
  6. I ship internationally I can get 500GBP insurance but I declare the item at just under 200$, none of my buyers have ever had to pay duty
  7. Wow :nuts: UK has very good terms about it. Here ( I'm in Asia ), for item above $50, we've to pay custom even the insurance cover half of the item value only, so bad :push:

    I received LV Shoes from Euro. The actual amount Euro 150 + Euro 50 for shipping. Seller insured it for Euro 130 and declare the amount as Euro 200. The worse, I've to pay custom for over Euro 160 :cursing: what?? It's over my actual item value

  8. I bought recently from the US, item cost and shipping was £35.00,customs form had no value on it, said Gift, hadn't been opened to be checked. I was charged £37.50 Customs duty!!!! HOW do they work that out??? It says on the form, tax due on items over £18.00 ~ gifts you are allowed up to £36.00??

    I cannot understand how they come to that amount.:push: