is it possible to hem a sweater (dress)

  1. I am thinking of buying a very cute knit (54% silk, 39% cotton, 7% spandex) Chloe sweater dress, but as usual it's too long for me - it'd be perfect if it came up shorter. Is it possible to hem a knit item? Thanks!
  2. It is possible, but I would advise you to take it to a good tailor to have it done. If you don't hem stretchy fabrics the right way, the hem won't stretch with the fabric, and it will not only look funny, but you'll be more likely to pop the thread. It's really not hard to do if you know a little about sewing.
  3. Thanks Elle Tee, I'll definitely take it to a professional - I'd screw up hemming a pair of jeans. Glad it's possible because the dress is so damn cute.