Is it possible to have this kinda Code?

  1. FYI, it's Truffle First.:confused1:
  2. here is what mine looks like with the same code:

  3. Thanks gal!!!!!
  4. This has come up before, yes it is possible that it just says 1669 on the first, It doesnt mean its fake I used to have a bubblegum first with exactly the same code.
  5. It means thats its an older one, but sometimes even better than a new one.

    Good luck and hugs FX:heart:
  6. I have a Rouge Vif First marked 1669 and so do at least two other tpfers.
  7. yes, i agree with the others. i have seen plenty of tags with the same code as yours and the bags were authentic.
  8. Thanks you guys!!!