Is it possible to have a miscarriage without knowing it?

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  1. I just spoke to a friend of mine on the phone who was very upset. She said she had gone to the gyno since she was having some pains and her gyno said that her uterus shows evidence of having a previous miscarriage.

    This is what stumps her...she said she's never had one (to her knowledge at least). She said she had a very heavy period a few years ago that was unusual but experienced no additional pain other than what she said were her normal cramps.

    I've never heard of having a miscarriage without knowing it and it kind of stumped me that her doctor would say that her uterus shows evidence of one...Is she going to a looney doctor or can something like this actually happen//?
  2. Actually, it can. In fact, before urine pregnancy tests became so sensitive, many miscarriages went undetected (mainly because women had to wait several weeks before finding out if they were pregnant). Some women will simply think their period was a bit delayed or that they are bleeding a bit heavier than usual. One common type of miscarriage/pregnancy failure is what many will call a "blighted ovum", which can happen when a fertilized egg attaches to the uterus but doesn't develop into an embryo/fetus. There's a lot of information on early miscarriages available online through the Mayo Clinic site as well as the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology site, and other pregnancy websites.
  3. Yes, it happened to me. A lot of women just think they are having a heavier than normal period. With me I am still embarassed because when I look back I definitely should have known something was wrong with the other symptoms I had. :shrugs::rolleyes:
  4. Yes. It can be a Missed Miscarriage, or a spontaneous abortion. I was told it happens in one third of pregnancies, most women don't even realise it.
  5. :yes:, Current students show at least 50% of women will experience at least 1 miscarriage in their life (some studies put the number as high as 70%), most without knowing it.

    If you are are late, or experience a heavy period or more cramping than normal you may be having a nature many time the fetus is not viable abd your body knows it and takes care of itself. The human body is an amazing thing.
  6. yes i think so... baby loses heartbeat and with the next period, it is "discharged" from the body.
  7. Thanks you guys :smile:
  8. The same situation also happened to my friend last year. She went to her gyno and he said that he believed that she lost a 1 week (his estimate) pregnancy. That was my first time hearing about something like that.
  9. Unless there is a reason to tell a woman that (like maybe they are having problems conceiving and they want to determine if it's a problem of the egg and sperm meeting or with implantation or survival past implantation) WHY would you tell her she had a miscarriage? What purpose does it serve (Other than what I said)?

    I know I had several blighted ovums. I had one known miscarriage (a sort of missed miscarriage starting at 6 weeks - bleeding for a couple weeks pretty steadily and symptoms disappearing, but not passing anything until given a drug at 8 weeks (after confirming no embryo via ultrasound)). After that, I had messed up cycles for a year, then about 6 months of regular cycles with about 4 blighted ovums. I would test positive very weakly at 10 dpo and then by the time my period was due? It would be negative and my period would start on time. Over my "testing" time (2.5 years of infertility) I probably had 6-7 blighted ovums, one miscarriage and one successful pregnancy (followed by one successful pregnancy several years earlier).
  10. Yes absolutley. I miscarried in April. I went to the Dr because i was having a exceptionally heavy and very painful period with flooding and it was established i was 5 1/2 weeks pregnant. I have very heavy periods normally and if i didn't have a new and very paranoid boyfriend i wouldnt have bothered going. So i would never have known!
    I really wish i didn't know as it has really affected me even though i wasn't TTC. :sad:

    Edit: sorry to bump an old thread. I forgot i was searching!!
  11. my mom had one. she was told the same thing that your friend was.
    she was late and then had a heavy period...
  12. it's TOTALLY common and in fact, another thing many don't realize is that many women actually conceive TWINS but one vanishes before your 1st U/S and you never knew.
  13. Yes! this happened to my sister in law this year. Doctor's called it a missed miscarriage
  14. Mel, the title of your thread scared me. I thought you had one. Thank God all is well!
  15. No no ;) Old thread! LOL. When I first saw it I was like "Whaaaat? When in the world did I post THAT'?!" :shame: