is it possible to have a good lasting blow dry with silicone-free products?


Aug 4, 2012
My skin hates silicone and my skin also hates the harsh detergent that I need to wash out silicone. And I am trying to learn how to give myself a decent blowout... so is it possible to have a good lasting blow dry with silicone-free hair products? If so then what would you use?

My hair type is 2b (wavy caucasian hair), fine but a lot of it - in case that makes a difference. I have so much hair that I'm not worried about trying to create any volume with my products. I'm mostly looking for a smoothing effect.

Thanks in advance :smile:

Also in case it makes a difference I'm using T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i hair dryer with Ibiza RLX5 brush (which is a large concave shaped boar bristle + nylon brush) ... I am really happy with those, and each section looks very smooth when I'm done with it... just not happy with how quickly my hair wants to revert back to its natural texture so I think I need a change in products. So far I tried some Living Proof products and now I want to try something different.
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Jul 10, 2008
The best product I've used for a long lasting blowout is Parlor by Jeff Chastain smoothing blowout spray. I am not sure if it is silicone free, though.

My hair is naturally quite wavy, but my hair is also very thick & coarse. My hair also loves 'cones, so this may not help you much... but, are you using a flat iron or anything after you blowdry? The reason I ask is that even if I dry straight, my hair won't stay smooth & sleek unless I hit it (even quickly) with a flat iron. Otherwise it reverts to wave.


Jun 19, 2015
For sure, I use Shatra Oil, its all natural/organic and not tested on animals. The scent is to die for, and lasts in your hair for a few days, which is amazing because that alone motivates me to prolong my blow-dry :smile: The only painful thing is that if your salon doesn't carry it, you have to buy it from their website and they are always sold out.

I have wavy dark hair, I am caucasian but from the mediterranean, during the summer my hair will poof, and in the winter it's dry...