Is it possible to get rid of a bag that smells?

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  1. I just picked up a 2003 Black Makeup bag with pewter hardware. The bag is in pretty good shape but it smells like perfume! I hate the smell, it's not strong but I know it's there and it bothers me. The leather is really nice so I'm afraid to treat it with anything. Is there any way without affecting the leather to get rid of this smell? The smell is on the leather, not just the inside.
  2. Charcoal pack
  3. You could try propping it open and pointing a fan into it and leaving it on for a day or so...
  4. It's not the inside of the bag, it's the leather itself. Any other advise would be greatly appreciated. Not sure what I'm suppose to do with the charcoal pack. I've never had a bag that smells
  5. There are various odour-absorbing packs (like charcoal for instance) that you can put inside the bag to get rid of smells. I don't know if either that or using a fan would help remove the smell from the leather but it may be worth a try!
  6. The best thing to do is to leave it outside to air every day for as long as you can until the smell goes. Not in direct sunlight though.It will eventually fade over time, needs a little patience!
    If there's an odour inside too fill the bag with scrunched up newspapers, this also gets rid of odours.
    Hope this helps, there's nothing worse than an odour from a bag, especially if you don't like the smell!
  7. Thank you! i have left the bag outside for 2 full days, in its dustbag and the smell has diminished considerably! Going to leave it out there a while longer as there is no rain in the forecast.

    You know I always wondered why people asked me when i was selling a bag if it had any "smells" and i couldn't figure out why. I was always like, how can a leather bag smell???? Well now I know!
  8. You need to Take it out the dust bag to allow the air to circulate fully....It does work!